By BCC / September 24, 2022

Windows 11 is the leading operating system for different devices. Users often face the issue of Windows 11 camera not working on different devices. Like any other software, certain bugs may still cause issues in basic functionalities. The modern era of remote working has further pressed the need for a functional camera at all times.  Hence, it […]

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How to Fix Apps Not Launching on MacOS Ventura? (7 Solutions)

By BCC / September 14, 2022

Apple introduced Ventura, its brand-new macOS, on June 6, 2022, at WDCC 2022. More capabilities have been added to the most recent macOS to increase your Mac’s productivity further. However, like previous operating systems, Ventura has several bugs and issues. Many users reported app crashes on Ventura regularly. Unfortunately, the problem is far too common, […]

11 iPhone Photography Mistakes That You Make (How to Fix Them)

By BCC / September 12, 2022

iPhones are well known for their stunning camera quality and cool filters. But unfortunately, you are unable to click a perfect picture with your iPhone despite all your efforts. In that case, you must be making some silly iPhone photography mistakes. To get a stunning shot on your iPhone, you need to know how to […]

How to Fix An Error Connecting to the Apple ID Server?

By BCC / September 10, 2022

Have you updated your iPhone or factory reset your device? But now, you are unable to sign in to your iCloud and restore your backups. Then, no need to panic! There are several ways to fix an error connecting to the Apple ID server. This guide will walk you through some easy ways to resolve […]

How to Fix Error Code u7121 3202 in Netflix?

By BCC / September 8, 2022

Do you prefer to download your favorite Netflix shows or movies so you can watch them offline? Then, you must have been stuck with the error code u7121 3202 in Netflix now and then. The error code u7121 3202 is often spotted when a user tries to watch downloaded stuff on their Netflix account. This […]

How to Fix Steam Error Code 51 in Windows 10

By BCC / September 6, 2022

If you are getting the ‘Steam error code 51’ error on your Windows 10/11 computer when attempting to launch a game installed through the Steam game engine, you have come to the right place. You will be guided through simple steps to resolve the issue here. So let us begin the discussion. ‘Steam Client’: Steam […]

11 Solutions to Fix the “All Cameras Are Reserved” Error on Windows PCs

By BCC / September 4, 2022

Are you trying to open the camera on your Windows PC to have a video call with your team? But, every time you click on the video calling app, you get an “All Camera Are Reserved” error message. This is a 0xA00f4288 error code, often spotted on Windows 10 and now on Windows 11. This […]

13 Ways to Reduce RAM Usage on Windows PC

By BCC / September 2, 2022

Is your Windows PC lagging, crashing, or freezing on you a lot? Then, this is the case of a bloated RAM. And you have to reduce RAM usage on your Windows PC to solve the problem. Random Access Memory is used by computers to effectively run apps, games, and other operations on your PC. It […]

3 Ways to Downgrade macOS Ventura Beta to macOS Monterey

By BCC / August 31, 2022

 Apple has recently introduced the latest MacOS Venture beta at the WWDC meet. This new MacOS version has excellent features like Spotlight, Storage Manager, schedule emails, quick actions, and more. However, MacOS Venture is still in the beta version. So, it is not free from bugs. Thus, the bugs can impact your device if you […]

5 Ways to Change a User Account Type on Windows 11

By BCC / August 29, 2022

A Windows account you use to access your system determines the level of your control. For example, Standard account holders can only perform limited activities on the computer. On the contrary, administrative account users have full control over other user accounts and system settings. If you have multiple users listed on your computer, there might […]

How to Create a Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 10/11?

By BCC / August 27, 2022

A virtual Hard Drive, aka VHD, is the perfect substitute for your physical hard drives. Whenever you run out of hard drive space, you can create a virtual hard drive in Windows 10/11 and expand your storage space.  Sounds like a complex process? Well, no. It is not at all hard to create a VHD […]