Benefits of Content Marketing You Need To Know

Content marketing is the leading digital marketing strategy focusing on creating and distributing consistent, relevant, and valuable content. Content marketing services have proven to have different benefits to the business, including improved sales, cost savings, and increased loyal customers. It is great to have a quick look at the top content marketing statistics before moving further:

  1. Do you know that more than 82% of marketers are actively invest in content marketing strategy?
  2. 72% of marketers confirm that content marketing helps educate the audience.
  3. 81% of marketers see content as a core business strategy.

Let us go through the key benefits of content marketing to any business in detail.

Advantages of content marketing:

1. Overcomes traditional marketing challenges: Are you bombarded with different online advertisements while opening a webpage? Well, it is one of the planned strategies of the business to advertise different products or services, which may not go well with many people. Do you know that more than 42% of internet users prefer ad blockers that block the business’s online marketing efforts?

Coming to content marketing, it successfully overcomes the problems of frequent advertisements. You’re only offering the information, minus irritating and long advertisements. Sharing your product or business details to the audience using creative content further helps strengthen customer relationships.

2. Helps become a valuable source: One of the exclusive advantages of content marketing is its power to act as a valuable information source. Increasing product or service sales can’t get much easier than using content marketing as a valuable resource.

With the audience reach of online videos crossing 92% globally, marketers can optimize the video marketing benefits here as a valuable information source. Here, you’re not irritating your potential customer with the products or services but is sharing valuable information in their decision-making.

valuable information source

3. Drives visibility to the product pages: Content marketing can be a game-changer for the product pages. The secret is that when you write creative and engaging content, different websites link back to that content.

Google search engines look at the new backlinks to check if it is a genuine source or not. Hence, it becomes easy for businesses to increase visibility on the different product pages by writing consistent, creative, and engaging content.

4. Helps in scaling retargeting: Retargeting the prospective audience remains a crucial task for many e-commerce companies. It is all about offering the customers different products when they’ve already expressed interest in other products.

Thus, it is easy to display the advertisements of the different products in the content to boost the retargeting strategy of the company.

retargeting audience

5. Improves brand awareness: Creating awareness about your brand could get no easier than content marketing. The key to cracking brand awareness online is the right keyword placement in the content.

These keywords can significantly place the content in the top searches of the people that can be your next customers. Hence, an effective content marketing strategy can improve brand availability in the modern competitive business.

6. Increases social media followers: Social media is the new king when it comes to marketing a company’s products or services. Companies investing highly in the different social media platforms can take the help of crisp content.

The distribution of creative and engaging content is easy as your social media followers will quickly share them with their friends and family. Not to miss is the significant increase in social media followers using consistent content marketing.

7. Helps control customer conversation: Customers love to go with the brand offering services which match their needs. But how will you tell your customers that you have the matching products or services as searched by the audience? How will you help customers in making their decision?

It all comes down to effective customer conversation, which is best met by creative content management. It is easy for businesses to share details with the audience and helps solve their possible queries while they’re deciding on what they need.

8. Generates more sales: The next on the list of the prominent advantages of content marketing is an increase in sales. Content marketing helps businesses bring potential customers one step closer to the product purchase.

Further, it is easy to create a strong relationship with your target audience. Not to miss is that you’re not forcing the customer to buy their products but is acting as a valuable source of information.

Generates more sales

9. Improves brand credibility: Modern customers prefer credible brands over the ones offering unbeatable offers and discounts. Hence, it is essential for brands to stay credible in the competitive business environment.

It is estimated that around 25% of internet users will click on the article if it appears on the top searches of around one million people. Hence, content marketing can significantly improve brand credibility.

10. Improves Google experience: Marketers know that Google loves content. There is no doubt that Google ranks web pages with great content higher the other. The meaning of great content here is based on the different SEO techniques as managed by the professional content marketers.

The creative and engaging content will improve the Google rankings, which in turn routes the traffic to your business website. Thus, it is a win-win situation for the audience looking for an amazing Google experience and businesses looking for increasing website traffic.

Wrapping Up

Hope it is easy for our readers to ensure content marketing is a part of their top marketing tactics based on the different benefits of content marketing mentioned above. While strong statistics confirm the use of content marketing, it is all about consistency and quality.

Quality content is hence crucial to improve your social media marketing, SEO, PR, PPC, content strategy, and inbound marketing. Further, the audience prefers to go for businesses offering genuine content instead of bombarding them with products and service promotions.

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