Best Apple Pencil Apps for Productivity in 2023


The Ecosystem of the Apple company is huge as once you purchase any Apple device, you cannot resist other accessories of the Apple company. An Apple pencil is a part of the ecosystem and accessories for iOS Tablets and Macs. Whether you own a Tablet, MacBook, or iPhone, Apple pencil works on every device. Most people use the best apple pencil apps in 2023 and sketching on iOS devices.

You can easily interact with your device using the Apple Pencil and do multiple tasks, just like using your phone as a notebook. Moreover, the Apple Pencil is functional with lots of applications on the iOS device. With the help of Apple Pencil, you can enhance your experience working on iOS devices.

What are the Benefits of Using Apple Pencil Apps?

If you own an Apple Pencil, you can have multiple advantages while working on your Apple device. There are many apps for apple pencil for drawing, notes, PDF creator, editing apps, etc., run perfectly with this device. With the help of an Apple pencil, you can make your sketch more professional and precise as it has a pressure-sensitive tip. This tip understands the amount of pressure you apply to increase or decrease the thickness of lines.

Many professional artists are creating professional designs and paintings with the help of Apple Pencil on their iPad. Moreover, when using my Apple pencil, the phone doesn’t detect the form touch and only recognizes the pressure of the Apple pencil. With the help of this device, you can easily write notes and work on your mobile just like the notebook, making perfect drawings and dragging colors to your pictures.

Top 10 Apple Pencil Apps in 2023

Planning to buy an Apple Pencil! Check out the top 10 applications requiring an Apple pencil to add precise details and information. Also, check out the information about these apps and how to use Apple Pencil for these apps. Upgrade your iOS experience with the Apple Pencil and simplify your work with fast response.

1. Apple Notes

Apple Notes is the free software available on all Apple devices, including iPad, iPhones, and MacBooks. The software has various features to systematically create and organize your notes and documents. Apple Notes allow users to insert pictures, make documents, and many editing features.

Apple Notes

Apple Note provides multiple font styles and sizes that enhance the layout of your file. In addition, all your files and data in Apple Note will sync with your cloud storage, so there is no stress of losing data.


  • Creates and organizes notes
  • Apple notes permit users to create a checklist.
  • Support Apple Pencil and recognize handwriting.
  • Apple Notes also support password protection.


  • Seamless functioning on every Apple device.
  • Simple and interactive interface.
  • Multiple documentation is possible.
  • Allow the user to add pictures to the file.


  • Limited formatting option.
  • Not compatible with any other software.


  • Work on iOS 10.0 or later
  • Work on iPadOS 10.0 or later


  • Free

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud software. Adobe Inc. develops software for iOS devices. This application lets you easily create graphic design, artistic images, and creative drawings. Mostly this software is used to edit vector graphics, which are scalable graphics to resize the image without losing the quality of the product.

Adobe Illustrator

Moreover, Adobe Illustrator supports Apple Pencil for editing and creating graphics and drawing in the application. You can enhance your editing experience with multiple drawing tools and by using Apple Pencil in this software.


  • Vector graphics editor
  • Multiple precise drawing tools.
  • Advanced color editing tools.
  • Integration with other Adobe software.


  • Versatile design optimizing software.
  • Add precise detailing to the images.
  • Professional-grid software.
  • Cloud integration for saving the data.


  • Complex interface and usability.
  • Less resources than other Adobe software.


  • iPadOS 14.0 or Later


  • Monthly: $9.99
  • Yearly: $79.99

3. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk SketchBook is a digital drawing and painting application for iOS devices. This application is designed to perform a professional level of sketching and drawing with multiple features and tools on the iOS platform. It is one of the Best Apple Pencil Apps in 2023 that allows the user to create art and edit those pictures.

Autodesk Sketchbook

In this application, multiple tools like brushes, pencils, markers, and erasers are essential for developing professional art. SketchBook understands the sensitivity pressure of Apple pencil and is precise in your creation.


  • Customizable brushes.
  • Symmetry tools to create perfect symmetry.
  • Support layering process.
  • Users can also record their work in Time-lapse recording.


  • Professional grade drawing and editing app.
  • Multiple form support.
  • Users can add text to their work.
  • Customizable color palette.


  • The complex structure takes time to understand.
  • Limited exporting options.


  • Work with iOS 13.0 or later
  • Work with iPad OS 13.0 or later


  • Premium Bundle: $1.99

4. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a powerful PDF reader and editor software for iOS devices. The software allows users to read and write PDF files and quick export options. With the help of a PDF Expert, you can easily add and create PDF files on your iOS device.

PDF Expert

This software perfectly supports the Apple Pencil to write and edit content. It decreases the hassle of typing the alphabet on the keyboard. With the help of Apple Pencil, you can quickly give the input, and it will get settled in the perfect location where you want to insert the data. You will also find multiple features in the PDF aspects, like shining documents and splitting or merging PDF files.


  • Annotations Tools for highlighting underlying and adding shapes in the files.
  • Users can fill out the PDF form with a PDF Expert.
  • The software allowed quick document signing.
  • Cloud storage is available.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Advanced feature to edit PDF.
  • Multiple security features.
  • Quick file exporting access.


  • Need a sustainable subscription for full access.
  • Does not support every file format.


  • Working with iPhone iOS 14.0 and later.


  • PDF Expert Basic: $9.99
  • PDF Expert Premium: $ 49.99

5. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a note-making and organizing tool that helps users store information in various file formats. Microsoft OneNote is powered by Microsoft technology, so it is more reliable and easily accessible for the Windows user.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is the Best Apple Pencil app in 2023 that works seamlessly on Apple devices with the Apple pencil. The software allows users to add multiple text images and audio to the document. It is the best software for organizing and accessing notes with multiple devices, whether iOS or Windows.


  • Note-taking tools.
  • Support multiple file formats.
  • Integrated with other Microsoft software.
  • Multiple options to add images, videos, and audio to the file.


  • Versatile and Smooth performing software.
  • Support cloud storage.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Proper organization of the document.


  • Require a valid Microsoft account.
  • Complex interface for new users.


  • Work with iOS 15.0 or later.
  • Work with iPadOS 15.0 or later.


  • Microsoft 365 personal: $6.99
  • Microsoft 365 family: $9.99
  • Microsoft 365 personal (full version): $11.99

6. Liquid Text

Like other document and PDF reading-editing software Liquid Text gives you more versatility and features to incorporate into your document. The software is designed to make editing quick and easier with efficient tools integrated into the software.

 Liquid Text

With the help of Apple Pencil, you can easily access this software and make your editing faster and quicker. Unlike other software, Liquid Text supports multiple file formats and gives you innovative ideas to create a new PDF.


  • Multi-document workspace
  • Interactive text selections
  • Understand different gestures.
  • Multiple file exporting options.


  • Read different kinds of files and documents.
  • Quick and easy response with apple pencil.
  • Multiple tools to edit documents.
  • Support cloud storage.


  • Complex structure for new users.
  • You need a valid subscription for a better experience.


  • Work with iPadOS 14.1 or later.
  • Work with Mac OS 11.1 or later.


  • Liquid Text Pro: $29.99
  • LT pro for students: $19.99

7. Procreate

Procreate is a digital art and designing application to experience creativity and art on your iOS device. The application supports a white range of tools to create artistic designs and digital art with the help of Apple Pencil. You can also create drawings in the software with your fingers, but with the help of an Apple pencil, your drawing will be more precise.


You can also experience the tool library’s multiple layering process and brushes. You can make accurate shapes and figures with the help of an Apple pencil by holding it for a second. Now you don’t have to worry about inappropriate circles or structure. You can draw the perfect curves in your art with Procreate application.


  • Unique brush library.
  • Support layering process.
  • Allow the user to record time-lapse.
  • You can access multiple animations in Procreate.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Multiple powerful tools to create drawings.
  • Quick shape formation.
  • Support Apple pencil sensitivity.


  • Not suitable for large-scale printing.
  • Limited vector tools.


  • Work with iOS 15.4.1 and later.


  • Starts from $5.99

8. Notability

As the name describes, Notability is a note-taking software design for iOS devices. It has multiple features to create and organize notes in different formats and files.


The software also supports Apple Pencil’s writing and saving notes as PDFs or documents. It has multiple features suitable for students and professionals to make digital notes. Unlike other note-speaking software, this application precisely saves your data in an organized manner.


  • Support handwriting and drawing
  • Audio recording features are available.
  • Multi notebooks reading access.
  • PDF Editing


  • Support Apple pencil.
  • Sync your data with Cloud storage.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Multiple tools for editing.


  • Does not support every file format.
  • Full access is available in the paid version.


  • Work with iOS 14.0 or later.
  • Work with iPad OS 14.0 or later.
  • Work with Makeover 11.0 or later.


  • Monthly subscription: $2.99
  • Annual subscription: $15.99

9. PDF Element

PDF Element is another PDF editing software. In the software, you can manage your PDF and organize it in a proper manner. With the help of PDF element software, you can easily edit and create multiple PDF files.

PDF Element

The important part of the PDF element is the software is available on multiple platforms like Mac, IOS, Android, and Windows. Therefore, it becomes easy to access the software on multiple platforms by syncing your data to the cloud. Moreover, you can also experience smooth working with the Apple pencil in this application.


  • Allow users to edit PDFs.
  • Support optical character recognition technology.
  • Allow users to Fill out forms.
  • Support Multiple PDF processing at the same time.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Cloud storage is available.
  • Accessible on different platforms.
  • Advanced security features.


  • Limited access to the free version.
  • It can be complex to perform for new users.


  • Work with iOS and iPadOS 13.0 and later.
  • Work with MacOS 11.0 and later.


  • Starts at $39.99

10. Nebo

Nebo is an advanced handwriting org recognition tool that can convert handwritten text into digital data or text—the most popular software for iOS to speed up your writing document and add text in files.


It would be best to use Apple Pencil for this software to speed up your content development. With the help of Apple Pencil, whatever you write in your document, converts into digital text. It is very helpful in creating large documents in less time and effort.


  • Handwriting Recognition features.
  • Sketching and drawing tools.
  • Multiple editing tools.
  • Quick Search features available.


  • Support multiple languages.
  • Quick response with apple pencil.
  • Multiple fonts and designs are available.
  • Synchronization with cloud storage.


  • Complex performance and interface.
  • Not available for MacBooks.


  • Work with iOS 12.0 and later.
  • Work with iPadOS 12.0 and later.


  • Free


Apple Pencil is the most advanced tool and accessories for Apple devices with multiple sensors. Here you can find the list of best apple pencil apps in 2023 that support Apple Pencil on your different iOS devices.

You will find all the details and information about the app and the subscription and compatibility to perform on your device. If you own an Apple Pencil, these tools are best for creating documents and art on your iOS devices. Explore the Apple ecosystem with its multiple accessories.


1. Which is the latest model of Apple Pencil?

Currently, you can find the Apple Pencil second generation in the official Apple stores. This pencil has a smooth grip and higher sensitivity than the previous version.

2. Do Apple Pencils support working on my iPhone?

Apple Pencil also supports your iPhone, but it should have iOS version 10.0 or more. With the Apple Pencil, you can write notes, edit images, and make drawings on your iPhone.

3. What is the Cost of an Apple Pencil?

The second-generation Apple pencil costs around $119. Moreover, if you can find one, you can Use Apple Pencil for $89.

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