10 Best Appointment Scheduling Software in 2023

Appointment Scheduling Software

Last updated on December 18th, 2022 at 11:28 am

Whether you are a freelancer or running a full team, meeting new prospects is a crucial part of your job. But booking appointments with different people on separate time schedules can be a daunting process.

Therefore, often executives prefer to hire secretaries to manage their schedules and book appointments. But not everyone can afford or need a full-time person to create appointment schedules. In that case, you should get appointment scheduling software that can automate your schedules. 

Some advanced appointment scheduling software can even send reminders, help to take meeting notes, and so much more. So, let’s explore the best appointment scheduling software.

10 Best Appointment Scheduling Software in 2023

If you are struggling to manage your appointments on your own, get the automatic appointment scheduling solution to reduce your workload. Several types of appointment scheduling software are available in the market today. But the best 10 appointment scheduling software as per our review are:

1. HubSpot Meetings Tool

Software Rating: 4.9/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution

Useful For: Autopilot scheduling meetings

Price: Free

HubSpot Meetings Tool is a free and seamless software to schedule your appointments and organize events with your team members and clients. There is no need to go through complicated email threads or scribble upon a piece of paper with this software. It is highly easy to integrate this meeting tool with your calendars and select a time slot that works well for both parties. Besides this, you can easily integrate the program with many third-party tools like Loom, Trello, SurveyMonkey, or more.

HubSpot Meetings Tool

Top Features

HubSpot Meetings Tool sync to your Google or Office 365 calendar so you can view your schedule anytime.

Using round-robin meeting links, customers can pick the meeting time, and it will be automatically matched to a sales rep available during the time slot.

Smooth integration with video conferencing software to initiate automated follow-ups.

Sync meeting details to CRM and gets a full picture of your leads and customers.


Schedule unlimited meetings.

Easy to integrate.

Capture high-quality data.


The free version has limited features.

2. Setmore

Software Rating: 4.9/5

Compatible Platform: Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS

Useful For: Small businesses

Price: Free up to 4 users. Pricing starts at $5/month.

Setmore is a free online scheduling platform available on all the leading operating systems. This software can manage all your appointments with a simple render system and provide you full freedom to grow your business. Using this software, you can bring more customers and build a strong business image. You can list your online availability so your customers can book their desired slot. To elevate the customer experience, Setmore is your tool.


Top Features

It has an all-in-one calendar that you can use on your desktop or mobile.

Empower your customers to self-book appointments.

Ability to showcase positive reviews on your website to encourage new bookings.

Allows you to securely take online payments via credit or debit card, Stripe, Square, etc.

You can get direct feedback from Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Set virtual meetings.

Easy to use.


Pricing could be better.

Every person needs different booking links.

3. Bookafy

Software Rating: 4.8/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution, Android and iOS

Useful For: Small businesses and professionals

Price: Free up to one user—other plans for $7/month.

Bookafy is a fully branded white label solution for B2B businesses to manage their staff and customers. It is a perfect software for resellers and marketers who want to constantly book different appointments. This business appointment scheduling software can be easily integrated with Office 365, outlook exchange, unlimited users, APIs, payment modules, and more. For professional purposes, it is a great appointment scheduling app.


Top Features

Smooth integrations with Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, etc.

You can embed a pop-up or Iframe to any website with custom HTML code.

It is a simple and mobile-friendly interface. 

Easy to a drag-n-drop menu to add, edit or download data.

Seamlessly synced with other business products provide a perfect booking experience for your organization.


Simple to incorporate appointment forms into websites.

Easy to sync with Google Calendar.


Forms might reduce the website load time.

4. Picktime

Software Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution, Android and iOS

Useful For: Multipurpose appointment scheduling software

Price: Free

Picktime is a free appointment scheduling platform that you can use on your desktop and mobile phone. It is a perfect appointment solution for multiple businesses such as salons, spas, event management, schools, and others. This software has a simple interface that you can easily customize as per your business module. You can book a free Picktime subscription today to spice up your business revenue.


Top Features

Picktime can easily manage your customers and team by keeping their appointment history in one place.

This software can keep track of all your invoices and refunds.

You can overview your revenue, account activities, and upcoming bookings.

It provides an overall review of all your booking slots.

Picktime booking widget can be embedded through your website.

You can generate an end-to-end day report of all your business.


Automatic calendar sync.

Sends email notifications.


Can’t book through social media.

5. Acuity Scheduling

Software Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution, Android and iOS

Useful For: Fitness businesses

Price: Starts at $14/month

Acuity Scheduling is a personal appointment scheduling assistant that can work behind the scenes to fill your calendar and take work off your plate. It is a perfect software to book appointments automatically and send customized booking confirmations to your clients. The program allows you to deliver text reminders and reschedule appointments on its own. It is a perfect software to run day-to-day business operations.

Acuity Scheduling

Top Features

You can manage multiple locations and employees on your business calendar with ease.

Automatically adjust time zones and allow your clients to easily cancel or reschedule appointments.

It can ask your clients to fill out an intake form before booking.

It is the perfect solution for businesses with multiple bookings on one day.


Good for putting a calendar on your website.

Perfect for branding.

Excellent solution for client nurturing.


Hard to customize the calendar.

Complicated to manage.

6. Calendly

Software Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution, Android and iOS

Useful For: Automatic scheduling solution

Price: A 14-day free trial. Starts at $8/month

Calendly is a hassle-free solution to make appointments with your different clients. It is one of the best appointment scheduling software for people who want to manage a large number of clients. This program is already used by more than 10 million businesses around the globe. You can easily extend the functionality and power of Calendly software as per your team size. Besides this, Calendly offers smooth integration with Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, etc.


Top Features

Calendly can coordinate your meeting schedule without any conflicts and instantly send automatic reminders.

Your clients can easily pick the free schedule and book appointments.

Clients can also easily reschedule appointments with this software.

It can put your entire meeting workflow on autopilot and send everything from reminders to thank you notes.


Compatible across multiple platforms.

Easy to use.


Several user restrictions.

7. Appointy

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution, Android and iOS

Useful For: 100+ lifestyle ventures

Price: Free up to one staff member. Pro plan starts at $19.99/month.

Appointy is comprehensive automatic scheduling software that can manage clients, staff, and multiple operations for you. It is across industrial solution that can be used to book appointments and market your business. With this solution, you can manage multiple appointments, send automatic email reminders, accept bookings from social media, and do so much more. It is a complete Google calendar integrated solution to book appointments.


Top Features

Supports web-based scheduling to avoid back and forth emails and calls.

It can automate all your daily tasks to boost your team productivity and manage the entire schedule.

You can book clients directly from your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media handles.

You can better understand your customers and provide a personalized experience with Appointy.


Easy to use.

Smooth social media integration.


Some aspects aren’t intuitive.

8. HoneyBook

Software Rating: 4.4/5

Compatible Platform: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux

Useful For: Small and individual businesses

Price: 7-day free trial. Starts at $9/month

HoneyBook Is the perfect appointment scheduling software for entrepreneurs and freelancers to book multiple clients and manage projects. It is a business management software that can automate your entire schedule and help you meet all your goals in one place. It is like having a personal assistant who can triple your booking and save multiple hours a day.


Top Features

You can use branded templates to simplify communication with your clients.

This app can be accessed from all mobile devices.

You can create contracts, invoices and accept payments in one place with HoneyBook.

This program can be easily integrated with multiple solutions like Zoom, QuickBooks, Gmail, etc.


Bespoke payment collector.

Simple to use.


Poor integration with Google.

9. Doodle

Software Rating: 4.3/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution, Android and iOS

Useful For: Global businesses

Price: Starts at $6.95/month

Doodle allows busy professional business users to focus on their work and automate time-consuming tasks like scheduling and organizing meetings. It is one of the leading online scheduling platforms used by over 30 million people every month. It has a simple user interface and intuitive dashboard that helps to create fast and easy schedules.


Top Features

Automatic reminders ensure that anyone who booked an appointment with you never misses a meeting again.

The Book Page controls the meeting schedule and decides how many people you can meet in a day.

It keeps your private information safe.

It only takes one click to send a single link to anyone who wants to book an appointment with you.


Easy to use.

Intuitive interface.

Integration with Google Calendars.


Several login issues.

10. SimplyBook.me

Software Rating: 4.2/5

Compatible Platform: Web-based solution, Android and iOS

Useful For: Small and medium businesses

Price: Free up to 50 bookings. The basic plan starts from $10/month.

So, the last and the most extensive online appointment scheduling software on our list is SimplyBook. It is a professional toolkit to add a booking module to your website where you can easily accept appointments, membership, gift cards, sell products and service add-ons. Allows you to manage your business with one solution, marketing initiatives, business statistics, and more.


Top Features

Accept online bookings with your own website or via Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Sends instant SMS/email reminders to know whenever appointments are canceled, booked, or rescheduled.

Accept online payment through a wide range of payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

Smooth integration with Google My Business, WordPress, Instagram, and other CMS APIs.

Dynamic custom features like membership, HIPAA, SOAP, POS, waiting list, and more.


Social media integration.

Accepts online payments.

It helps to personalize your website.


More templates are required.

Hard to use.

Let’s Book Some Appointments!

Whether you are an individual contractor or a big organization, booking multiple client appointments and meetings is essential for your business growth. You need software that can help you automate your bookings and organize your schedule.

So, we have already discussed the best 10 appointment scheduling software that you can use. Now, we leave you to select the suitable tool to make your personal assistant.

We hope you find this post helpful. Please also follow us on social networks for more informative posts like this.

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