10 Best Brain Training Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Best Brain Training Apps

Last updated on December 15th, 2022 at 6:12 pm

The mobile application industry has evolved a lot in the last few years. Today, there is no genre in which you can’t find an app. Among all the amazing apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, brain training apps are one of the popular app categories.

Many adults and kids use brain training apps on Android and iOS devices to stimulate their brain cells today. In fact, Systweak has a full section of Brain Game Apps containing several mini-games to boost your brain capacity.

So, to recharge some brain cells, we searched for the best brain training apps on Android and iOS. And, we found some really good 10 brain apps.

10 Best Brain Training Apps for Android and iOS Devices in 2023

Brain training apps come with different variants and functionalities nowadays. Common features that most apps include are memory enhancement, cognitive skills, information retention, and more. Based on these features, we reviewed different brain training apps and found the perfect 10 ones.

1. Lumosity (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.9/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 5.0 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 11.2 or higher

Number of Installs: 10,000,000+

Price: Free to download. Monthly subscription for $11.99. 

Lumosity is a fun cognitive brain training app for Android and iOS users. This app helps to train your brain in a certain manner and learn how the human brain actually works. The brain training program begins with a 10 minutes Fit Test to set your baseline score and compare your mental level with others your age. Besides this, Lumosity has many activities to exercise your memory, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving abilities.


Top Features

  • Lumosity workout mode contains carefully curated games based on your training habits and preferences.
  • You can observe your game strengths and weaknesses constantly as you progress.
  • Provides more than 40 activities to challenge your memory, logic, language, speed, and other abilities.
  • Over 40+ university scholars have taken common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks and turned them into interactive games.


  • Personalized games based on your skill sets.
  • Improves cognitive strength.


  • Limited free resources.
  • It is complicated for new users.

2. Cognifit (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.9/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 6.0 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 12.1 or higher

Number of Installs: 500,000+

Price: Free to download. Monthly subscription for $19.99.

Cognifit is an engaging brain training game application that can stimulate cognitive skills. This application will provide personalized brain training to Android and iOS users. After comparing your cognitive skills with the rest of the world, it creates challenges to sharpen your memory and speed. Cognifit is partnered with scientific patented technology to provide dynamic memory games, puzzles, and much more.


Top Features

  • Personalized training programs to exercise your memory and logic.
  • It has gamified cognitive systems that can improve 23 specific cognitive functions.
  • The Individualized Training System analyzes your cognitive health and customizes mental exercises accordingly.
  • Video coaches guide you throughout the training with interactive experiences.
  • Several mental challenges and games boost your concentration, coordination, and planning skills.


  • Personalized brain games.
  • Excellent cognitive skill improvement.


  • All advanced features are paid.
  • Not useful for younger kids.

3. Elevate (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.8/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 5.0 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 13.0 or higher

Number of Installs: 10,000,000+

Price: 7-day free trial. Monthly subscription for $4.99.

Elevate is a dedicated brain training app for Android and iOS users to improve their attention, speaking skills, mental math, and more. Personalized training programs are created for individual users to achieve maximum results. The more you train with Elevate, the better it will understand your cognitive abilities and design customized programs. To boost your productivity and mental sharpness, this is the best tool.


Top Features

  • Boost cognitive skills using over 40 brain training games and puzzles.
  • It can compare your cognitive performance against others and share weekly reports.
  • Train your brain with special math and word exercises.
  • Do a mental workout and stay motivated with over 150+ achievements.
  • Customize your brain training using special 3 and 5 games.


  • Improve basic skills like writing and math.
  • Customized games.


  • Costly in-app purchases.
  • All advanced features are paid.

4. Peak (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 7.0 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 13.0 or higher

Number of Installs: 10,000,000+

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Peak is a fun and challenging brain training app for Android and iOS devices. It uses various interactive games and puzzles to stimulate memory, critical thinking, and language skills. All the games made you connect with academic leaders from top global universities like Cambridge and NYU. It only takes 10 minutes to complete your mental workout daily. You can also participate in 45 minutes long game sessions to train your brain for a particular skill.


Top Features

  • Various brain games target memory, math, problem-solving, attention, and more.
  • Personal coaches to train and track your mental progress.
  • Boost cognitive skills playing the brain training activities designed by Cambridge professionals.
  • Using the Peak Advanced Training modules, you can train your brain to achieve desired skills.
  • Over 45 brain games with frequent updates.


  • New challenges every day. 
  • User motivating games.
  • Personal coaching.


  • Performance glitches here and there. 
  • Not for kids.

5. Neuronation (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 4.4 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 12.2 or higher

Number of Installs: 10,000,000+

Price: Free to download. Get 60+ games for $84/yearly.

Neuronation is a scientific brain training app to train your brain every day. This app contains several activities to improve your memory, concentration, and thinking capabilities with short 15 minute lessons. Neuronation is a big community of over 20 million members to interact with like-minded people. It is an award-winning app awarded by the AOK Leonardo Health Prize for Digital Prevention.


Top Features

  • Visual games to improve memory, concentration, and thinking capabilities.
  • Provides personalized brain training games after analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Over 32 exercises and 300 levels to keep your brain engaged.
  • Neuronation games are designed by academic professionals around the globe.


  • Good for improving attention.
  • Improve logical thinking.
  • Excellent for people suffering from memory issues.


  • Complicated features.

6. MentalUP (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 5.1 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 11.0 or higher

Number of Installs: 5,000,000+

Price: Free with in-app purchases. Quarterly subscription for $19.99.

MentalUP is not only a brain training app. It is also an educational learning game that can help students to learn in a fun way. The app can develop a child’s cognitive skills and intelligence with brain-stimulating games. All the games are designed by scientists and academicians to boost a child’s brainpower. More than 120+ brain exercises challenging 5 core cognitive learning skills are available with MentalUP.


Top Features

  • Provides age-appropriate brain games and mental exercises.
  • It helps to improve attention span and concentration levels among children.
  • Quick 20 minutes brain workout exercises to improve your child’s learning abilities.
  • Track your child’s performance and compare it with the children of the same age.
  • A variety of games to keep children engaged match games, logic grid puzzles, math games, and more. 


  • Good for students.
  • Simple games.
  • Clean UI.


  • Too simple for adults.
  • Limited features.

7. Memorado (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Android OS: Varies with device

Compatible iOS: iOS 9.0 or higher

Number of Installs: 1,000,000+

Price: Free with in-app purchases. Monthly subscription for $10.99.

Memorado is a leading brain training app for Android and iOS devices. It has over 10 million members worldwide and several relaxation games. Using this app, you can improve your concentration, reaction, memory, and mathematical skills via 14 mind games. While playing over 420 game levels, you can track your progress and sharpen your brain.


Top Features

  • More than 100+ medicative audio sessions to calm your mind.
  • Personalized brain workout configured according to your desires.
  • Regular scientific tests to track your progress over time.
  • Graphical statistics help you understand your strong and weak areas.
  • It helps to shape your mind to achieve desired logical and mathematical skills.


  • Easy to use.
  • Good for brain training.


  • All advanced features are paid.

8. Tetris (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.4/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 5.1 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 11.0 or higher

Number of Installs: 10,000,000+

Price: Free

Tetris is one of the best games that you can download on your iOS and Android devices to recharge your brain. It is a single-player game with ultimate block puzzles to challenge your brain. You can battle against 99+ other online players in standing matches. It has a clear storyline and leadership board to keep you motivated. It is found that playing Tetris leads to a thicker cortex, and many help to improve brain efficiency.


Top Features

  • Single play mode to challenge your mind.
  • Several play modes include traditional for endless rounds and quick mode for swift gameplay.
  • Team up with over 99 online players and chat with them while playing your game.
  • You can complete shared objectives and earn rewards as a Team.


  • Simple to play.
  • Interactive interface.


  • Not many features.

9. MindPal (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.3/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 4.2 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 11.0 or higher

Number of Installs: 1,000,000+

Price: Free with in-app purchases. Monthly subscription for $7.99.

MindPal is a daily brain training app with interactive challenges to sharpen your memory, language, attention, and problem-solving skills. Allows you to enjoy personalized brain workouts based on the skills you want to learn. MindPal offers 40 educational games that can train 7 cognitive areas, including memory, speed, attention, math, language, problem-solving, and flexibility.


Top Features

  • Around 35 games and 1000 levels to train your brain in desired skills.
  • Allows you to personalize brain training as per your goals.
  • Word games help to expand your vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Puzzle games can improve your math, memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.
  • Throughout, track your progress and compare scores with others.


  • In-depth insights.
  • Compare brain scores.
  • Easy to use.


  • A few system glitches.

10. MyBrainTraining – effective and fun (iOS/Android)

Software Rating: 4.2/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 4.1 or higher

Compatible iOS: iOS 8.0 or higher

Number of Installs: 1,000+

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

MyBrainTraining is the best brain training app to develop cognitive skills and improve life quality. You can train your brain capabilities like memorization or reasoning power. The app contains around 30+ scientifically proven brain games to effectively train your brain in a fun and effective manner. The more you use the app, the better it will understand your needs and personalize brain training sessions for you.


Top Features

  • MyBrainTraining includes 30 exercises for brain activation and training.
  • It helps to train your brain with cognitive skills such as calculation, logic, memorization, and vision.
  • Provides personalized games to train your brain in a certain manner.
  • The app is developed by leading professionals.


  • Easy to use.
  • Personalized games.


  • Some basic system glitches.

Let’s Train Your Brain!

There you go, people! You have now learned all about the best 10 brain training apps for Android and iOS devices. That means you can now improve your learning, logic, memory, and other cognitive skills with ease.

We will here recommend you to try the free version of all the apps and later on get the paid subscription of the brain training that you like the most. Meanwhile, don’t forget to like our social media pages for more information.

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