10 Best Coding Apps for Kids on Android And iOS


There has never been a better opportunity to get a competitive edge on whatever you want your young champ to learn, whether it is how to build some of the best useful apps or beautiful websites. The nicest aspect is the absence of an age requirement. It gives everyone—adults, teenagers, and children—endless opportunities. As a result, teaching the fundamentals of programming to children at a young age may be a smart idea, and these kid-friendly coding applications and games for the iPhone and Android platforms may be able to assist.

Thus, for your kid to learn how to code while having a great time, check out our list of the best coding apps for beginners on Android and iOS in 2023, including free and paid for.

Top 10 Coding Apps for Children

For children of any age, there are coding applications available that all provide entertaining and creative ways to learn this important skill. Both free and commercial applications are available, ranging from full-featured coding tools to logic exercises, so there is likely to be something that suits any child’s needs.

In order to assist youngsters in developing their coding abilities and releasing their imagination, let us look at some of the best coding applications for kids.

1. CodeSpark Academy

CodeSpark Academy

Children ages 4 to 10 can use the coding program CodeSpark Academy. It employs a straightforward and understandable block-based coding language. Kids may make their games, animations, and tales using CodeSpark Academy. Moreover, it provides a variety of coding exercises and puzzles to assist students in honing their problem-solving abilities. Children may learn the fundamentals of coding in fun and engaging way with CodeSpark Academy.


  • Very engaging educational activities
  • Provides customized daily activities
  • Detailed creative projects
  • Fascinating puzzles
  • Support three different kid profiles.


  • Uses A particularly well-liked scripting language is Lua.
  • With a full-featured code editor, the iPad includes several features
  • It has shortcuts to simplify tablet coding.


  • Not a game; intended mainly for those who are familiar with coding.

Cost: Free with $7.99 to $119.99 in in-app purchases

OS compatibility Android and iOS

2. Code Karts

 Code Karts

An app called Code Karts teaches kids between the age of four and ten how to code. With the aid of this visual coding tool, young children may easily learn the fundamentals of programming. The coding software for kids takes advantage of a gaming-like setting. Children are slowly introduced to coding concepts like loops, parameters, and conditions through a sequence of lessons in the app.


  • Extremely child-friendly User Interface from age 4
  • Improve logic, problem-solving, and sequencing
  • Get coins that you may use to modify your vehicle.
  • The Complete Game version has 95 levels and nine additional races.


  • Enjoyable race car theme
  • Simple to learn
  • The complete version has a lot of stuff.


  • After the first 10, more levels must be paid.

Cost: Free with a $1.99 in-app purchase

OS compatibilityAndroid and iOS

3. Kodable


Kodable is one of the best coding apps for kids free. It stands out from the competition by teaching essential coding logic principles and a simple scripting language, JavaScript. Children from kindergartner to fifth grade can use it as a guide. Kodable’s easy conversion to web-based CodeHS, a partner product, is another outstanding feature.


  • Order/Sequence of Operations
  • Provisional logical statements
  • String, numeric, and array variables
  • Object-Oriented Programming


  • It offers a variety of problems and is quite entertaining.
  • Fantastic puzzle game with an easy idea
  • The option to design your riddles gives the game a social component.


  • More puzzles are only available for purchase in the iOS version but are free in the browser-based version.

Cost: Free + Subscription begins at $7.99 to $119.99

OS compatibility: iOS

4. Lightbot


Go no further than this program if you seek a programming app to hold your child’s interest and offer them a fun yet hard experience. But do not be fooled by the cute visuals; this software delivers a challenging task that is sophisticated and engaging—perfect for kids who are already eager to advance their coding abilities.


  • For several players, Lightbot offers independent progress monitoring and numerous save places.
  • Several players can each go forward while they save space at their speed.
  • Also, you may compare your scores based on how many completed stages, stars you have earned, and comprehensive instructions you utilized to finish the game.
  • Kids will like the adorable animated robots and fun puzzle-solving.


  • The game is kept interesting through humor
  • More difficulties on each level
  • There are several platforms to play on.


  • Assembly language programming can be difficult.
  • The price for the computer version is greater.

Cost: $2.99

OS compatibility iOS

5. HopScotch


Are you searching a coding software for kids that successfully blends Science and the arts? Hopscotch is the only game you need. A variety of graphics, patterns, and figures may be digitally controlled and commanded by youngsters with the use of this program. Hopscotch is a lot more than simply entertaining software. Children can acquire the idea of coding without worrying about the tedious syntax of high-level programming systems due to their drag-and-drop layout.


  • Programs aimed at children
  • A sizable group of school-age students
  • An opportunity to modify and alter any project
  • A pleasant user experience


  • Games, graphics, and other content may all be produced by users.
  • You may show off your creations to your loved ones.
  • Extremely flexible for endless options


  • Because of its open nature, it is inappropriate for children who require more structure.

Cost: Free with a $7.99 monthly or $79.99 annual subscription

OS compatibility iOS



One of the greatest free coding applications for kids, this one is appropriate for users of all ages. Children may pick up important coding concepts using Mimo’s daily coding activities at their own speed. Real-time data allows them to track their progress and adjust their strategy. Mimo differs from other coding tools in that it can compile and run your child’s code, giving them real programming skills.


  • Teaches a variety of well-known programming languages, including Python, javascript, SQL, and HTML.
  • A good collection of activities based on Science
  • Makes customized bite-sized workouts
  • Immediate feedback


  • 5-minute short challenges
  • Includes a variety of programming languages
  • With in-app purchases, free


  • Activities do not address more complex issues.
  • Working on practical applications could augment learning.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility Android and iOS

7. Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr

The most commonly used coding tool for kids, Scratch, was created by MIT faculty and students in 2003. Since then, it has assisted children between the ages of 5 and 16 to learn the fundamentals of coding playfully and interestingly. As a result, children can better understand the essential coding concepts without being hindered by challenging grammar or jargon.


  • Youngsters may make characters walk, jump, jump, and sing by snapping visual programming blocks together.
  • With the paint editor, kids may change characters’ appearance, add their accents and noises, and even enter pictures of themselves.
  • With the help of the beginner scripting language ScratchJr, young children (between the ages of 5 and 7) may write their interactive tales.
  • Scratch differs from other coding programs in that it employs visual bricks that become simple to drag and drop on a surface to construct logical links.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Jolly interface
  • After learning the fundamentals, he progresses to using complete scratch.


  • Fewer options than standard Scratch

Cost: Free

OS compatibility Android and iOS

8. Tynker


A cutting-edge coding tool for youngsters is part of the web-based learning program and primary school curriculum known as Tynker. It starts with the fundamentals and progressively introduces more complex topics, unlike other coding programs that concentrate on teaching the fundamentals. Also, parents may tailor their child’s educational experience to suit their requirements and financial situation by choosing from various paid and free levels.


  • Not only is it a virtual robot, but a genuine one is driven by code.
  • It has a fascinating personality of its own to keep youngsters interested.
  • Tynker is made to lead children on a thorough educational journey.
  • Python, Swift, and Javascript.


  • Class sizes are small
  • Real-time instruction
  • Amusing projects


  • It would help if you chose a time that accommodates your schedule.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases between $1.99 to $95.99

OS compatibility Android and iOS

9. SoloLearn


With its vast library of coding materials, SoloLearn provides a thorough learning environment that addresses a variety of programming languages, like C, JaveScript, C++, Xhtml, Php, CSS, and more. Whether your child has no prior coding knowledge or some, SoloLearn has a curriculum that will match their needs and motivate them as they go through the classes.


  • Many programming topics
  • Rivalry between individuals
  • An expanding learning community
  • Provides certificates for all courses


  • Users may create their games, pictures, and other types of material.
  • To your dear ones, you may display your masterpieces.
  • Very adaptable to countless possibilities


  • Writing programs in assembly language might be challenging.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android and iOS

10. Algo City

 Algo City

Kids may learn programming fundamentals by playing the entertaining and aesthetically pleasing 3D game Algorithm City. Its 8-bit aesthetic is reminiscent of Monument Valley, a well-known video game. The game’s introduction discusses the core mechanics in detail. These minor features were purposefully added to the game to inspire kids’ imaginations.


  • The six levels of the educational Chapter explain how to accomplish things.
  • The 15-level Simple Chapter explains the fundamentals of coding.
  • The 15-level “Regular Chapter” introduces loops using features.
  • The 15 levels of the Challenging Chapter teach activities.


  • This is a free program used by professionals in game production.
  • It uses the widely used programming language C#
  • Small class numbers and excellent teachers are standard.


  • You have to locate a time that works for your schedule.

Cost: Free

OS compatibility: Android


The large selection of best coding applications for kids accessible on iOS and Android mobile applications demonstrates the growing prominence of coding. Encouraging your youngster to learn about programming may be exciting and gratifying. Your youngster may develop a strong basis in programming with the correct coding software or game. This list of the top coding applications for kids on iOS and Android will help you search for the ideal software for your kid.

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