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Do you remember the classes back in school when teachers dictated notes and students wrote them down speedily? This is essentially what transcription is, and with digital advancements, tools are available to do that.

In the professional sphere, it is not possible to note down all meeting notes, speeches, and conversations manually. However, with the intelligence technology of the best dictation software, it is simpler to get automated speech-to-text transcriptions. Then, you can add these to the videos you edit with MiniTool MovieMaker, keep documented recordings for offline proof, and more.

Go through this guide to find the best software.

Top 10 Dictation Software To Use in 2023

We looked through many software options that handle speech-to-text functionality with high speed and accuracy. After extensive research, we present these top 10 options for the digitized dictation process. Read about them to recognize the best dictation software for you.

1. Dragon Professional Individual

One of the top dictation-based software available in the market is Dragon Professional Individual, especially for Windows desktop users. The software is useful for catching voices in different accents with high-quality accuracy, even in areas with strong background noise.

Furthermore, you can format the voice-based dictation with underlining and bold features for easier understanding. This software supports audio-recording-based transcription on a desktop, as long as the recording has clear sound and is available in DS2/MP3/WMA/WAV/DSS format.

 Dragon Professional Individual

Compatibility: Windows

Cost: starting at USD 500


  • Develop personalized voice commands for actions like adding frequently used graphics or text.
  • Import/export custom-created terminology lists.
  • Automatically detects and learns specific phrases or words the users commonly use for smoother dictation.
  • Smart Format Rules instantly change as per the content you add.


  • Lightweight software that needs around 4 GB RAM on the device to operate.
  • Super-fast voice analysis and transcription.
  • Works via browsers like Chrome/Firefox (mainly for the Online Help function) and Internet Explorer.


  • EMR-based systems do not allow the dictation function.
  • You to install a 16-bit recording supported sound card into the device to suitably operate this.

2. Otter

To comfortably use your voice to transcribe accented words into words, you can opt for the Otter software. This mobile-based software is one of the best dictation software options available that allow users to create text documents and transcribe online meeting speeches remotely into text documents.

Besides the automated features available here, you can customize and add specific words/phrases for easy dictation.


Compatibility: iOS, Android, Chrome with add-on extension

Cost: Free, Enterprise- custom pricing, Business- USD 20/month, Pro- USD 8.33/month


  • Live recording and transcription support.
  • Highlight sections and add comments.
  • Easily search for text and playback your recordings.
  • The Automated Outline (BETA) function is available for Business and Enterprise users.


  • Strong security with two-factor authentication-based protection.
  • Create customized vocabulary for specific phrases or words that you add.
  • Name-wise identification of speaker during dictation.


  • The free version allows users to transcribe 3 audio/video files that they imported to the app.
  • The integrated function of Zoom-based meeting caption and live notes is only accessible to Enterprise or Business users, which costs higher.

3. SpeechNotes

SpeechNotes is one of the best dictation software options available today, with the strong voice-based typing functionality. Not only does this function occur seamlessly, but you can also smoothly shift into key-typing mode anytime.

The software has an easy-to-understand interface, making it very easy to dictate words consistently and record them in text form without errors. Moreover, it is possible to add punctuations with voice commands or clicks and edit text results here.


Compatibility: Online through different browsers

Cost: Free, but the automatic transcription feature costs USD 0.1 per minute.


  • Transcribe both video and audio files with an automatic transcription function. 
  • Use an extension to dictate on other websites.
  • Type or dictate to add punctuations.
  • Press the Enter button to move the results into the text editor from the buffer.


  • Easily share or print the file you transcribed with one click.
  • Further edit your transcribed work before submission.
  • Unlimited usage for free.


  • Saving files to the computer or Google Drive is important to avoid any data loss since its AS-IS-supported functions can show issues.
  • It can show functionality issues in some tablets and smartphones.

4. Dragon Anywhere

Another top Dragon software from Nuance is Dragon Anywhere, which is more suitable for mobile-based users. Indeed, app users can download and use this software to customize specific words per their preference and quickly transcribe speech into text.

Moreover, it is not difficult to sync the results you gather with its desktop-based counterparts for smoother work management. Use this at any location and while moving with an active internet connection.

Dragon Anywhere

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Cost: Free, Annual- USD 150, Monthly- USD 15


  • Instant auto-text and customized words are available for quick transcription.
  • The high-quality voice recognition feature allows for accurate dictations.
  • An unlimited number of dictations via Cloud.
  • Sync with other Dragon Professional products on PC.


  • Easily share the converted files with Dropbox, email addresses, Evernote, etc.
  • Supports German, French, and English languages with high accuracy, even with accented voices.
  • Possible to handle custom and basic voice commands.


  • Dictation happens within the app that you can later add to other app programs.
  • Not possible to transcribe sound recordings.

5. Trint

With automated dictation technology, you can use Trint as a supportive dictation software for changing your video and audio files into text. For this, you have to upload the file into the software and preview it before activating the speech-to-text functionality.

During this process, you add notes or context for easier editing. Finally, you can export the transcribed material in .xml or .edl format, using a compatible video editor for adding to the video.


Compatibility: Browsers on PCs and iOS app

Cost: Standard- USD 60/month, Advanced- USD 75/month, Enterprise- custom pricing


  • Transcribe videos and audio into text.
  • Easily upload the file into the software for instant transcription.
  • Strong AI technology that handles accurate speech-to-text functions.
  • Securely save your edited content after making changes.


  • Share the edited files easily.
  • Supports around 31 different languages for optimized dictation.
  • A free trial of all features is available for 7 days.


  • ISO-certified security is only available in the Enterprise plan.
  • Unlimited transcriptions are not available for Starter plan users.

6. eSpeaking

eSpeaking is one of the best free software available for dictation and voice command usage. Windows 8/7/Vista/XP users can install it into their system and get access to over 100 different built-in commands for different functions. Therefore, users find it easy to carry out many steps by speech alone after activating it.

It works well with Microsoft-based technologies and is compatible with Office products, like Microsoft Word.


Compatibility: Windows

Cost: USD 14


  • Businesses can use it for automated email and document reading.
  • Format and create documents with optimized speech recognition and dictation software.
  • More than 26 different voice commands for dictation are available, and you can add more.
  • Easy to share the program after usage.


  • The first 30 days are available as a free trial. 
  • More than 100 built-in commands are available for users.
  • Lightweight software.


  • It will not work on your device if it does not have .NET and SAPI support.
  • Not supported on modern Windows devices.

7. Tatzi

Tatzi is a reliable software with strong speech recognition functions that can easily catch speech and change it into accurate text. The voice recognition function of this software works with high-grade modern technology. So, the dictation process is relatively precise and fast using this software.

Mostly, it works for voice-controlled commands in controlling PC functions and playing games, besides managing other program and app functions.


Compatibility: Windows

Cost: USD 39.99


  • Voice control for various system commands.
  • Control applications, home automation, and PC programs with voice.
  • High-grade speech recognition for optimized voice recognition.
  • Prepare a specialized profile of keyboard commands via keybinding for gaming-based commands.


  • Easily recognize the voice of speakers and translate it into text.
  • Words with different types of gaming software with strong voice-based commands.
  • Supports various languages.


  • No free trial available- only one demo video.
  • Works only on older Windows devices like versions 7 and 8.

8. Braina

Braina is one of the top software options available with strong dictation functionality, among other benefits. The AI technology that runs this software guarantees a simple one-window environment to manage functions across different devices wirelessly.

With the voice recognition software in Braina, we found it very simple to control system commands and even transcribe notes into text format. The dictation software functions work on any installed software and website.


Compatibility: Windows

Cost: Lite- Free, Pro (Annual)- USD 79, Pro (Lifetime)- USD 199


  • High accuracy with speech detection and transcription.
  • Supports 100s of different languages and dialects.
  • Use dictation functions with different apps.
  • Allows smooth text-to-speech for reading, with speed adjustment settings.


  • Easy to develop automated keystrokes and keyboard macros.
  • Add notes, mems, chat conversions, etc.
  • Access to in-built thesaurus and dictionary.


  • The interface and settings can appear small on some devices because of the high DPI.
  • Free users cannot avail the dictation function.

9. Windows Speech Recognition

Windows has the in-built Speech Recognition function in the older versions that users can activate for hands-free dictation and transcription. It is possible to use this function for different functions after enabling the Speech Recognition feature, from writing text to Windows-based system command control.

When we tried it, we could perform many functions like opening apps, deleting content, adding words before/after sentences, etc., with pre-set commands. It is available in various languages for easier usage globally.

 Windows Speech Recognition

Compatibility: Windows

Cost: Free


  • Control all functions with voice.
  • It is easy to use for quick dictations while working on Wordpad, Microsoft Word, and more.
  • Easily add punctuations to text by saying it aloud.
  • Simple keyboard shortcuts are available to enable the function.


  • Works with different apps on the device.
  • An in-built feature, so zero installation issues are available.
  • No additional cost for dictation.


  • Only available in Windows 8.1 and 7.
  • It can get confusing/difficult to remember the various steps for functions like opening apps, selecting words, deleting words, etc.

10. Google Docs Voice Typing

While using the Google Docs platform for documentation or other typing work, you can use the speech-to-text feature available for quick dictation. It is useful if you have a set rough drag, and you can activate the microphone to make edits.

The function is accessible through the Tools tab in the top toolbar. Choose Voice Type and press the microphone icon that appears to speak into it, and the text will automatically appear on the document.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Compatibility: Through the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices

Cost: Free


  • More than 100 languages/dialects to choose from.
  • Easily accessed through the Tools tab.
  • Hotkeys are available for instant usage.
  • Real-time and accurate voice translation.


  • Free to access for Google account holders.
  • No installation is necessary.
  • Easily accessible across different devices.


  • You can use this only while working with Google Docs or Google Slides speaker notes.
  • Does not work with all browsers besides Google Chrome.


Ultimately, take time to understand your primary needs for digital dictation and choose the tool that offers the best support for that. Each option mentioned here assures high-grade performance and long-term usability.

Among them all, Dragon Professional Individual and Otter are easily two of the best options with multi-OS compatibility, simple interface, and accuracy. You can later add the dictated file to videos during editing with software like MiniTool MovieMaker.

Please go through our other posts here to know more about that and other video/audio editing software types.

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