Best DNS Changer Apps

In the tech-savvy world now, one important term to remember is DNS or the Domain Name Server. This is responsible for matching different domain names with their compatible IP addresses.

However, not different ISP work well with every DNS server type, so DNS-centric issues are common if one uses a default ISP-oriented DNS server type. Examples like Err_Connection_Refused or “DNS Lookup Failed” error prompts.

You can troubleshoot the DNS settings directly in the VPN service provider you are using, like Avast Secure Browser software. Or, you can install the best DNS changer apps. Doing so can increase the performance and speed of connections. This post will discuss the best types of DNS changer tools available.

Best DNS Changer Apps

There are different options available that you can focus on to modify the DNS connection settings. We looked through many of the best DNS changer apps in the market to find the most vital options. Here, we list the best ones we found.

1. DNS Changer

DNS Changer is one of the best DNS changer apps available for adapting and speeding up the DNS servers. It does not require any rooting steps and can work well via mobile data network and WiFi equally well.

Users apply this to change the DNS address of their device with no effect on the connection speed. It works more quickly than VPN options and barely takes up much device resources like battery power.

DNS Changer

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up

Price: Free


  • Utilize DNS lists that are preconfigured or customer IPv6/IPv4 DNS servers
  • Supports smartphones and tablets
  • Best for gaming; speeds up usability
  • Special DNS feature available: Speed Test


  • Updates quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Simple design


  • Not free
  • Sometimes connection error occurs

2. DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper is one of the best apps available for changing DNS server choices quickly and effectively. The process of doing so is simple. This app works well for connecting to blocked sites; you can open them and not worry about any negative influence on your system.

Moreover, this free app is easy to use and very lightweight. So, you can install and keep it switched on without any effect on your network connection, battery, or other device resources.

DNS Jumper

Compatibility: Android, Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista

Price: Free


  • Compatible with various DNS-centric apps
  • Choose connections manually
  • Fast speeding capability
  • Suitable for monitoring IP response times


  • Use Flush FND for easy deleting
  • Update settings smoothly via profile
  • Lightweight


  • Better alternatives available
  • Special uses are limited

3. Fast DNS Changer

This is one of the best free DNS changer apps that people use to modify the DNS server settings set on default. The method of using this app is simple, and it reduces performance issues (e.g., video buffering) and improves browsing speed.

You can use it to keep your browsing experience private and safe, even when you access blocked sites. Furthermore, it speeds up the internet connection as well and offers many existing DNS options like CloudFlare, Open DNS, Google DNS, Norton ConnectSafe, and more.

Fast DNS Changer

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up

Price: Free


  • Decreased video buffering quality
  • Low pinging while playing multi-player online games
  • Fast browsing
  • Access ISP-blocked sites securely


  • Smooth UI
  • Fast connection
  • Compatible with numerous DNS server types


  • Third-party VPNs are difficult to use with this app sometimes
  • Can show connectivity issues with some devices

4. Family Friendly DNS

Family Friendly DNS is a suitable app for quick and effective browsing protection. Users can safeguard the browsing experience of multiple users with this one app, controlling access to specific websites. You can add sites with malicious or inappropriate control under child-lock. Plus, activate a secure browsing filtration system and change DNS server from a pre-set list of approved options.

Family Friendly DNS

Compatibility: Windows

Price: Free


  • One-click DNS activation
  • Filter out inappropriate websites
  • Parental control functionality
  • Select DNS changing options from a pre-made list


  • Free to use
  • One-click usability
  • Secure connection


  • Only for Windows
  • Limited features

5. Free DNS Changer – Trust DNS

You can use this app from Surfshark to change your DNS server settings securely and block unnecessary banners and ads. Get access to more than 100 publicly-available DNS server options and modify your settings to them.

You can use the app to remotely make server setup changes and secure the connections. Plus, you can use the parental control features to control browser access, like blocking adult-oriented sites from children.

Free DNS Changer

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Price: Free


  • Supports more than 100 DNS servers that are free and public-centric
  • Secure TLS (DoT)/HTTPS (DoH) protocols
  • Change DNS server to pre-set server options
  • Set up custom DNS servers


  • Fast performance
  • No-logs policy; log-in info is not automatically saved
  • Easy to use


  • Complex for some users
  • Not suitable for mobile devices

6. Change DNS

Users can change their DNS settings quickly and without much error while using this app. With a simple UI and smooth functionality, you can modify the DNS connection with one click.

It works well without rooting and is compatible with different networks, like mobile networks and WiFi connections. In addition, the DNS server can change automatically when your mobile data is switched on. This happens similarly after rebooting a connected device.

Change DNS

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up

Price: Free


  • Unblock different websites that the ISP server prohibited
  • Builds a localized VPN connection
  • After rebooting, the DNS server changes automatically
  • Change DNS via mobile connection/WiFi


  • Easy to use
  • Simple UI
  • Improves connection speed


  • Can stop working sometimes
  • Costly

7. Elgelsiz- DNS Changer

This tool is a suitable DNS changer that handles the task with and without Rooting. You can change the WiFi and 3F DNS details without issues with Elgelsiz quickly and securely.

There are more manual and automatic methods available for this work. For example, you can adapt the DNS information under the manual setting by adding new DNS, changing/deleting the present DNS, or quickly reset all changes.

Elgelsiz- DNS Changer

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

Price: Free


  • Connect using the mobile network for dns changing
  • Works with a google SDK VPN structure
  • No rooting necessary
  • Change DNS automatically or manually


  • Fast performance
  • Safe connection
  • Easily reset any DNS settings


  • No VPN-centric features
  • Only accessible for Google DNS changing

8. Blokada Slim- Content Blocker

Blokada Slim is open-source software helpful in modifying the DNS server addresses with no root permission needed. This app is available for free and comes with a built-in VPN. However, this is an optional feature for most users. The DNS changer app is easy to use for DNS server changing and improving the browsing speed and experience.

Compatibility: Android 7.0 and up

Price: Free


  • Reduced loading increases browsing speed
  • Blocks sites with malicious content, fraudulent information, and virus
  • No rooting necessary
  • Suitable with different browsers  


  • Blocks wrong content
  • Better battery life
  • Saves data plan amount


  • Malicious clone versions are available
  • Unavailable for iOS users

9. DNS Changer- Lilly

DNS changer– Lilly is another suitable option for DNS changing available for Android users. There are no ads available while using this software. Plus, you can easily add, pause, or continue the DNS setup process without directly accessing the application.

Very quickly, it works well via different connections, like WiFi, mobile data network, and Ethernet. Plus, there are parental control options available.

DNS changer

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up

Price: Free


  • IPv4/IPv6 support is available
  • Utilizes Androids VPN for DNS server set up and modification
  • Select DNS server connection from the given list or work with a custom DNS
  • Simple “Connect to Boot” option


  • Free to use
  • Supports different browsers and applications types
  • Zero rooting permissions are needed  


  • Connection issues occur sometimes
  • Device Administration permission is crucial to use

10. Nebulo – DNS Changer

Users can apply this particular DNS changer to their system and easily continue using it with no constant updating necessary. Also, there is no need for root permission to operate it either. It works to protect and handle encryption-related issues. It implements DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPs (plus DoH3) to transfer DNS requests accurately to the correct servers.


Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up

Price: Free


  • Works with custom servers
  • Open-source
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • No tracking or ads


  • It does not take up a lot of battery
  • Fast performance
  • Simple UI


  • Can cause issues with fingerprint lock
  • DNS revolution may breakdown sometimes


You can directly change the DNS Server settings for your network while using the Avast products. Otherwise, use these suitable DNS changer apps. In our opinion, the DNS Changer and Fast DNS Changer apps are the best alternatives, with multi-version compatibility and simple usability. Choose the best one for your device after going through each option carefully.  

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