10 Best Email Tracking Software and tools in 2023

Best Email Tracking Software

Last updated on February 1st, 2023 at 5:03 pm

Do you want to try your luck with email marketing? Yes, you better get robust email tracking software.

The software will help you better understand your audience, segment them and create personalized email marketing campaigns. In fact, you can track how your emails performed? How many people opened your emails? Which link did they click on? Etc.

So, to help you drive maximum results from your emails, we have reviewed several email tracking software and shortlisted the best 10 tools. Let’s track your emails now.

10 Best Email Tracking Software to Launch Dynamic Email Marketing Campaigns in 2023

Our team has studied popular email tracking software based on three categories – performance, tracking features, and affordability. Here are the best 10 email trackers that can amplify your email marketing efforts:

1. Omnisend

Software Rating: 4.9/5

Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android

Good For: eCommerce and Marketing

Customer Support: Good

Price: Free up to 500 emails per month. The paid plan starts at $16 per month.

Omnisend is a powerful email tracking software to boost your sales. It has a beautiful layout and interface to build automatic email campaigns. With this tool, you will get various features like web push notifications, audience sync for ads, marketing automation, pop-ups, forms, and more. You can also get real-time reports and benchmarks with Omnisend to understand your email performance. Also, the prices are reasonable that even small businesses and individual users can afford.


Top Features

  • Stunning and fully customizable email templates to fit your brand voice.
  • Easy drag and drop Content Editor to create dynamic email campaigns in a breeze.
  • Multiple customer segmentation options such as shopping history, customers’ profile data, and more filters.
  • Increase your campaign reach with A/B testing and Campaign Booster.
  • Keep tabs on your campaign performance with real-time reports, click maps, and other advanced reporting options.


  • Full email marketing automation.
  • Affordable solution.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Excellent segmentation options.


  • Slow A/B testing.
  • Migration support is available for higher plan users.

2. Mailchimp

Software Rating: 4.9/5

Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android

Good For: Marketing and Sales Teams

Customer Support: Good

Price: Free up to 12,000 emails per month. Paid plans start at $10 per month.

Mailchimp is a popular name in the email marketing industry. This tool is a complete email tracking and marketing solution for businesses. Using Mailchimp, you can create, market, and analyze your emails with ease. The AI-powered features and mobile accessibility makes it a perfect platform to send marketing emails to your segmented audience groups and track your email progress using multiple analytical tools.


Top Features

  • Mailchimp allows you to create emails, landing pages, postcards, social ads, and more.
  • Audience management tools will help you reach the right people.
  • AI-powered Creative Assistant will generate custom designs in seconds.
  • Automate your emails to reach your customers at the exact moment.
  • Insights and analytics tools will show what’s working best for you at the moment.


  • Phenomenal A/B testing.
  • Automatic emails.
  • Affordable.


  • Fewer options to personalize campaigns.
  • Complicated configuration.

3. Mixmax

Software Rating: 4.8/5

Compatible OS: Cloud and Web

Good For: Sales, Customer Care, and Marketing Teams

Customer Support: Good

Price: Starts at $12 per month/feature along with a free trial and version.

Do you want to boost your outbound sales via emails? In that case, you can use Mixmax to track and monitor your email marketing campaigns. It is integrated with Gmail-based tracking tools to support one-on-one communication and workflow automation. In addition, the email tracking software includes features like readymade templates, CRM sync, direct dial for Gmail, and more.


Top Features

  • Mixmax is highly secure software containing penetration testing, data privacy, encryption, TrustArc certification, and more.
  • Account executive features help you make deals faster with smart messaging technology.
  • Help recruiters see which candidates open your emails and what content they view.
  • Improve sales performance that aligns your reps and automates busy work.
  • Help to analyze performance trends and gain a bird’s eye view.


  • Nice customer support.
  • Easy to use.
  • Add digital signatures.


  • No mobile support.
  • Too many ads.

4. MailTrack

Software Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android

Good For: Small and Large Teams

Customer Support: Good

Price: Offers free version and trial. A full version starts at $4.95 per year.

As the name suggests, this is the perfect tool to track your emails. MailTrack will show how many people read and clicked on your emails. It can integrate with your Gmail suite so you can easily send and manage your emails. MailTrack has already been used by over 5 million businesses worldwide. Additionally, Forbes, Mashable, and Inc like publications have recognized this software as the best email tracker.


Top Features

  • Allows you to track all your email activities in real-time.
  • High-end data security and privacy complaint features.
  • It can track email attachments up to 3 MB.
  • Provides instant notifications the moment someone opens your emails.
  • Ability to track opened emails with checkmarks in threads.


  • Spontaneous email tracking.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gmail integration.


  • Fewer features in the free versions.
  • Don’t show bulk email status.

5. SalesHandy

Software Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, and Cloud

Good For: Sales Team

Customer Support: Moderate

Price: Free trial and version. The pricing starts at $12 per month/feature.

For sales teams, SalesHandy is the best email tracking software to draw recipients’ engagement data. This software can help you dramatically improve your productivity using features like email tracking, automating workflow, behavior insights, and more. In addition, the software is compatible with popular email services like Gmail and Outlook. Overall, for sending cold emails, it is the perfect tool.


Top Features

  • You can personalize your email content and subject line to receive high engagement.
  • Set automated follow-ups to increase the open or reply rate. 
  • SalesHandy can map your recipients’ activities to increase your conversion rate.
  • All your email accounts can be managed from a dashboard.
  • Communication management can assist in tracking interaction with individual email subscribers.


  • Robust email tracker.
  • Overview of individual recipients.
  • Can send bulk emails.


  • Buggy interface.
  • Lacks advanced tracking features.

6. Yesware

Software Rating: 4.5/6

Compatible OS: Windows and MacOS

Good For: Sales and HR Teams

Customer Support: Moderate

Price: Starts at $12 per month/feature.

Yesware is a simple addon that you can use to create, manage and track emails. The software can notify when recipients open or read emails, click on links, and view attachments. There you will also get built-in CRM support to convert your recipients to your customers. Yesware also offers an intuitive sidebar to integrate your Outlook users for smooth email management.


Top Features

  • Send emails right from your Gmail or Outlook inbox and track who opened emails, clicked on links, and view attachments in real-time.
  • Help to follow up the moment emails are opened, meetings booked, or demos requested.
  • Know which type of content your email subscribers liked the most.
  • Yesware Activity Feed will provide real-time insights to craft your next outreach campaigns.
  • Dynamic reports, so you spend less time chasing cold leads.


  • Powerful analytics.
  • Dynamic reports.


  • Not free.

7. Polymail

Software Rating: 4.5/6

Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, and iOS

Good For: Sales and HR Teams

Customer Support: Moderate

Price: 7-day free trial. A full version for $13 per month/features.

Polymail is a powerful email tracking software with a simple interface. The application will provide information that you need to improve your email reach. Polymail application includes all the essential features to improve your productivity, such as follow-up reminders, calendar integration, campaign management, and more. All in all, it is a simple solution to track emails.


Top Features

  • Improves your productivity with tools like contact profiles, follow-up reminders, and more.
  • Automate email outreach and meeting scheduling like repetitive tasks.
  • It helps to organize email conversations to get the proper context you need.
  • Events triggered can help to closely manage the individual responses.
  • Mobile-friendly application to keep you connected with your team.


  • Simplify the onboarding process.
  • Can block spams.
  • Save time.


  • Not user-friendly.
  • Hard to open and close.
  • Doesn’t support Android devices.

8. SalesLoft

Software Rating: 4.4/5

Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, and iOS

Good For: Sales, CS, HR, and AE Teams

Customer Support: Moderate

Price: It starts at $75 per month.

SalesLoft is a complete marketing automation solution with dedicated analytics and an insight dashboard. It is a sales team’s buddy to track emails, meetings, calls, and customer interactions. SalesLoft can automatically track emails and log responses to your CRM. Overall, it is a perfect sales platform with a conversation tracker, one-click dialer, analytics, and reporting tools.


Top Features

  • Salesloft Analytics and Reporting will tell you which email templates have performed the best.
  • SalesLoft Deals Summary will track the revenue performance of teams on a dashboard.
  • It helps to track clicks and actions taken on your emails.
  • Ability to use advanced filters to analyze email accounts, marketing teams, cadence, and more.
  • It can easily sync with CRMs and other business automation solutions.


  • Effective events triggered actions.
  • Neat UI.
  • Excellent auto-logging.


  • Limited LinkedIn support.
  • Hard to make calls within the platform.

9. Constant Contact

Software Rating: 4.3/5

Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android

Good For: Digital Marketing Teams

Customer Support: Moderate

Price: Offers a free trial version. A full version starts at $20 per month/user.

Constant Contact is yet another powerful email management software to track emails. The software lets you track individual email campaigns performance and engagement during a period. This tool can also compare the performance of your different emails, segment audiences, and provide mobile support. From email templates to reports, Constant Contact has everything to grow your business.

constant Contact

Top Features

  • Insightful reports about who opened, clicked, and shared your emails.
  • Hundreds of professional templates to select from.
  • Allows you to send targeting emails to customers based on engagement with your emails.
  • Facilitate to add, store and organize your contacts in a place.
  • Powerful tools to segment your customers into separate groups.


  • Good analytics.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Customizable email templates.


  • Poor interface.
  • Annoying email builder.

10. Cirrus Insight

Software Rating: 4.2/5

Compatible OS: Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS

Good For: Large Teams

Customer Support: Moderate

Price: Offers a free trial. Pricing starts at $27 per month/feature.

If you use Salesforce CRM in your workplace, Cirrus Insight is the best email tracking software. It has a simple interface that can bring Salesforce inside your inbox. You can save time and boost productivity by syncing your emails with Salesforce. On the top, it can track, create and update all your Salesforce data.

Top Features

  • Salesforce sidebar to add your contacts and pipeline data to your inbox.
  • Ability to share calendars, book meetings, and add them in Salesforce.
  • 100% sync of your meetings, tasks, and emails.
  • Collects sales activity and converts it into actionable insights.
  • Attachment tracking to know what happens to your attachments after sending them.
  • Capture buyer signals like who opened your emails, links, and which web pages they visited.
  • Personalized email templates to attract more customers.


  • Salesforce integration.
  • Supports Gmail.


  • Hard to use.
  • Cluttered interface.

Let’s Track Some Emails!

Email is one of the best methods for business organizations to connect with their customers and promote themselves. Therefore, if you are using email as a marketing tool to grow your business, you should do it properly with the right tools to track your performance.

We have already disclosed the best 10 email tracking software for you. So simply select the suitable tool and start tracking your emails. And, keep on following us on social networks for more top 10 software guides.

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