Best Free Cloud Storage in 2024

Best Free Cloud Storage

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In the matter of superior-level data management support, what are the main parameters to focus on? The answer for that includes what service providers assure high-grade syncing ability, strong storage support, and secure transactions. In this context, choosing the right cloud service is beneficial.

The free cloud storage providers allow seamless data management benefits, easy file syncing functions, and data backup support. Some platforms offer users free cloud storage, further improving user experience.

Certainly, there are multiple available platforms with strong cloud support and storage. Check the options before finalizing your preferred option.

Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers

Multiple platforms are available currently that provide cloud storage benefits to users, compatible with different browsers, OS types, and devices. To choose the right service provider, here is a list of the top 10 verified options that provide benefits like free cloud storage.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive

Users can depend on Google Drive for the best free cloud storage thanks to its high-grade functions and ease-of-use guarantee.Plus, users can access the full suite of Google document types like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and other such apps with a Drive account.

Google Drive has high capacity from collaboration to storage ability, even in the free version.

Available free storage limit: 15 GB

Price for upgrade: Business Standard- USD 12/month/user

Free plan features:

  • Get access to tools for content creation, like Forms, Slides, Docs, Sheets, etc.
  • Add around 100 participants during conference calls.
  • Secure email support via Gmail.
  • Community support/self-service customer support.

Premium features:

  • Upgrade plan to get 2 TB of storage.
  • Use the feature for targeted audience sharing.
  • Save meeting recordings in Google Drive storage.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

 Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive users find it very useful to work with Microsoft OneDrive. Users can get free cloud storage early on with a 5 GB limit and can use this on less high-octane devices, like mobile devices.

Of course, the cloud service provider is accessible across different platforms, operating systems, and device types.

Available free storage limit: 5 GB

Price for upgrade: 100 GB- USD 1.99/month; Microsoft 365 Family- USD 99.99/year; Microsoft 365 Personal- USD 69.99/year

Free plan features:

  • No cost is necessary to log in.
  • Easy access to OneDrive cloud.
  • Good data security support is available.
  • The user gets access to many of the core features on OneDrive.

Premium features:

  • One Family version will support 6 people, each getting 1 TB of cloud storage.
  • Full Microsoft Office suite available to Personal and Family plan users.
  • Email and chat-based customer support.

3. Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the best free cloud storage providers available that gives a lot of features with this plan. Users can collaborate easily with different members and access and share data from any connected device.

While you will get a small amount of free storage with this option, Dropbox makes up for it in terms of ease of use.

Available free storage limit: 2 GB

Price for upgrade: Plus- USD 9.99/month; Professional- USD 16.58/month; Family- USD 16.99/month; Standard- USD 15/month/user; Advanced- USD 24/month/user; Enterprise- Custom pricing

Free plan features:

  • File sync and version control benefits are available.
  • Works on different platforms and devices.
  • File recovery is supported for files lost in the last 30 days.
  • Easily preview shared files.

Premium features:

  • Paid plans start with a 2 TB storage option.
  • Professional plan users get access to Viewer history.
  • Ransomware detection/recovery benefits for high-cost plan users.

4. iCloud


iCloud is a strong cloud storage provider that iOS and Mac users can depend on for high-quality file sharing and storage support. Moreover, users get strong data safety features under the free iCloud version. More storage capacity is available in iCloud+ versions with different cost levels.

Available free storage limit: 5 GB

Price for upgrade: iCloud+ 50 GB- USD 0.99/month; iCloud+ 200 GB- USD 2.99/month; iCloud+ 2TB- USD 9.99/month

Free plan features:

  • Store files from different connected devices.
  • Easily control some iOS/Mac device functions.
  • Share files/folders easily.
  • Organize content in iCloud with simple steps.

Premium features:

  • A private Relay function is supported.
  • Advanced security camera support via HomeKit Secure Video.
  • The hide My Email function is available.

5. Mega


Mega is one of the most trustworthy software options available currently for smooth online collaboration and storage benefits. With simple taps, one can extend the pre-existing storage capacity to save big files/folders from different connected devices.

Available free storage limit: 20 GB

Price for upgrade: Pro Lite- USD 5.29/month; Pro I- USD 10.64/month; Pro II- USD 21.29/month; Pro III- USD 31.95/month

Free plan features:

  • File versioning support for 100 versions.
  • Strong security protocols.
  • Get 7-30 days for the scheduled emptying of recycle bin.
  • Many options for interactions, like video calls, PM, screen sharing, or meetings.  

Premium features:

  • Storage increases to 400 GB capacity and higher.
  • Get data transfer support starting at 1 TB.
  • Password protection for links.

6. Box

Box is another user-friendly cloud storage provider available with high-quality cloud service benefits. Plus, free plan users get 10 GB of storage space early on. You can sign-in using a Google account and get benefits like smooth file sharing, strong storage, and native e-signature benefits. 


Available free storage limit: 10 GB

Price for upgrade: Personal Pro- USD 12.85/month; Business Starter- USD 6.73/month/user (total 3 allowed)

Free plan features:

  • Secure feature of file sharing.
  • Upload files with 250 MB size.
  • Box Sign support for the e-sign part on 5 Docs per month.
  • Built-in Google Workspace/Microsoft 365 support.

Premium features:

  • The upgrade allows an increase in storage capacity to 100 GB.
  • Get unlimited template options.
  • Business Starter users get technical support during localized business hours.

7. iDrive


Another best free cloud storage provider you can trust is iDrive, especially as it offers around 10 GB of free storage. You can access your iDrive account from different devices and save important files like big videos, music files, documents, etc., here.

The app has strong data encryption safety protocols for advanced protection.

Available free storage limit: 10 GB

Price for upgrade: Business- USD 74.62; Team- USD 74.62; Personal- USD 59.62; Mini- USD 2.95/year

Free plan features:

  • Multiple device types are supported.
  • Free storage of 10 GB.
  • No need to activate via credit.
  • 256-bit AES encryption supported.

Premium features:

  • Extra storage starting with 100 GB.
  • iDrive Express support.
  • A single Sign-on benefit is available.

8. Sync


Sync users get high-quality free cloud storage benefits and connected features after creating an account here. Users can share different files, documents, chats, and contacts through this platform.

Plus, accessing and syncing data updating is simple when using one Sync account on multiple devices. 

Available free storage limit: 5 GB

Price for upgrade: Solo Basic- USD 8/month; Solo Professional- USD 20/month

Free plan features:

  • Sync and transfer files, contacts, etc.
  • Secure storage of 5 GB.
  • Basic-level sharing capacity and functions.
  • Strong data transfer safety protocols are in place.

Premium features:

  • Get storage capacity starting at 2 TB.
  • Real-time data syncing and backup functions are available.
  • File history recovery starts at 180 days limit.

9. Filen


Filen is another good service provider for high-quality cloud storage capacity, with around 10 GB of storage available for free. A benefit of this option is that other than this storage limit, you will get standard features under all versions.

The tool is accessible via different device types, like the web, mobile phones, or PC.

Available free storage limit: 10 GB

Price for upgrade: Starter- Starts at USD 12.76; Monthly- starts at USD 2.11/month; Annual- starts USD 21.27/year; Lifetime- starts at USD 58.53

Free plan features:

  • Easily login and payment activation process.
  • Supports zero-knowledge tech type.
  • Get client-side data encryption support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is available to users.

Premium features:

  • It is possible to stack multiple plans for more storage capacity.
  • Different storage capacity options at starter, annual, monthly, or lifetime payment modes.
  • Paid plan starts with 100 GB support.

10. pCloud


Alt text: tool interface

pCloud is another suitable platform you can utilize if you want a good service provider that offers a lot of storage benefits early on. Indeed, you will get many standard usage benefits here, like collaborating easily with other contacts, backup from other cloud accounts, etc.

Available free storage limit: 10 GB

Price for upgrade: Premium (500 GB)- USD 49.99/year (annual)/USD 199(lifetime); Premium Plus (2TB)- USD 99.99/year (annual)/USD 399.99 (lifetime); Custom Plan (10 TB)- USD 1190

Free plan features:

  • Strong data security supported.
  • Video streaming function.
  • Share file requests and links easily.
  • Backup from other cloud accounts, like OneDrive and Google Drive.

Premium features:

  • Get extra client-side encryption support at an additional cost.
  • More storage capacity with payment, starting at 500 GB.
  • Paid users get higher shared link traffic.


Finally, check out the benefits and specifications you can expect from the options here. Check which one includes more user-friendly features alongside a reasonable amount of free storage. After studying your choices and even trying out your favorites directly, you can make the best choice.

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