Best Free Email Services/Service Providers

One of the most widely used modes of communication nowadays is email. Whether for personal use or professional correspondence, it is a swift contact method. Additionally, companies use this medium for internal interactions or as a marketing tactic for customer engagement.

Therefore, it is essential to partner with the correct email service provider, fast transfers, an easy-to-use interface, and various benefits. Here, download Avast SecureLine VPN first to ensure safer privacy protection and quicker connections, even if you use an unsecured public WiFi connection.

In this post, we focus more on discussing the best free email providers available now.

Top Free Email Services or Service Providers

To note, there are two versions available when it comes to email services- Webmail or Email Clients. The latter is a type of desktop-based application that users can use to configure one or more email addresses after that. Users can compose, read, send, and receive emails through these apps. Here, we list the top 10 free email providers available in the market.

1. Gmail

Gmail is one of the most useful free service providers for Android users, available through the Google Play Store. People use it for its simple interface and omnichannel connectivity. In addition, there are user-friendly features available like the ability to chat, manage to-do lists, and access Google Drive benefits. Use the advanced search feature to find emails quickly.


Compatibility: Android, Windows

Price: Free


  • The mobile app version is high-quality and intuitive
  • Seamlessly integrates with other services from Google
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Get priority emails on top


  • Great SPAM protection
  • High uptime
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Storage sharing with different Google services
  • All the stylish email addresses are taken

2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a convenient email service provider for people using Microsoft devices and platforms. Get a 15 GB size limit to your mailbox and attach files with a 10 MB size for sending. Users can use different features like contact management, webmail, and Outlook calendar while using their Outlook account. It has a very simple-to-use interface and integrates with other browsers easily.

Microsoft Outlook

Compatibility: All OS types

Price: Free


  • Right-click to look for different emails from one sender
  • Use Outlook calendar and Skype with Outlook email account
  • Hide email address with alias names
  • Focused inbox


  • Supports add-ins
  • Recover deleted emails easy
  • Automatic email organization


  • Mail can take some time to load
  • Connectivity issues for some users

3. Proton Mail

This email service started in 2014 and is one of today’s premier options. ProtonMail has high-quality security and privacy system and provides robust end-to-end encryption benefits to its users. It operates from Switzerland and follows strict Swiss privacy laws carefully. Furthermore, the service has an open-source structure and an easy-to-navigate interface. Both of these benefits make this app a user-friendly email service to use.


Compatibility:  iOS, Android

Price: Free


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Proton Drive and Proton Calendar
  • Open-source structure
  • Strict Swiss privacy-related laws


  • Email gateway support available that is anonymous
  • Easy to use
  • Set expiration timing for different emails


  • Email encryption is not available with a free account
  • Limited storage for free

4. Hubspot Mail

Hubspot offers a free email tool with its CRM to users globally. People can access high-quality contact insights while using the service and prepare custom-designed emails for their clients.

Businesses find this email service useful because of benefits like the ready-to-use available templates. In addition, there is an integrated drag-and-drop editor present; users can add images and CTA buttons to personalize their email body content.


Compatibility: All OS types

Price: Free


  • Create personalized emails
  • Drag and drop builder for personalized email types
  • Advanced email schedule
  • Pre-made email templates


  • Free registration
  • Integrated with Free Hubspot CRM
  • Customize your email templates with images/CTA buttons, etc.


  • High-quality features under the paid version
  • A/B testing underpaid plan only

5. iCloud Mail

This email service is free to use and includes paid versions that come with more features. It is mainly helpful for Apple users working with an iOS mobile device or a macOS computer. The email is compatible with other Apple services and products as well. If you use this email service for your whole family, upgrading to more extensive plans is seamless.

icloud mail

Compatibility: iOS, macOS 

Price: Free


  • Free email storage of 5 GB
  • Mainly for personal use
  • Multi-user support for premium plans
  • Compatible with different Apple services/products


  • Simple interface
  • Live chat for customer support
  • Good value service with fast connections


  • Not available for non-Apple users
  • Limited features

6. Sendinblue Mail

Sendinblue is another free service provider for email marketing and exchange across different OS types. However, many of its best tools and features are available under the costlier versions.

You can still create a high-quality email with this service or utilize one of the available templates. Users can transfer around 300 emails every day and add unlimited contacts. The service supports about 6 language types.


Compatibility:  Android

Price: Free


  • SMS and Email personalization
  • Create email campaigns
  • Template library for emails
  • Single user chat benefits


  • CRM support available
  • Create landing forms
  • Marketing automation support


  • Limited features under the Free version
  • Paid plans are very costly

7. Zoho Mail

This particular service is a part of the cloud-centric Zoho Office Suite. It has a mailbox size limit of 5 GB, especially under the free plan. However, you can divide this space between five mailboxes maximum.

As for the attachment sizes of emails, the maximum supported size limit is 25 MB.

With cloud-based integration, this one of the best free email services with tight security, i.e., end-to-end encryption and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Acquire domain names easily as well.

zoho mail

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Price: 15-day free trial and ₹58.34/User/Month billed annually for 5GB per user


  • Personal email/business email types
  • Best for entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Create tasks in to-do lists
  • Set calendar appointments


  • IMAP and POP access
  • The Zoho office suite is integrated
  • Diverse options for email organization


  • Storage is limited in lower-tier plans
  • Free benefits are only under trial format

8. Yahoo Mail

One of the most easy-to-use search engines and web portals available is Yahoo. Starting back in 1994, it is an old-school option that also offers the integration email service. Users can access other additional services like Yahoo Groups and Yahoo News while using this webmail. The service provider has a high mail storage space limit of 1 TB and an excellent spam filtration system.

Yahoo Mail

Compatibility: All OS types

Price: Free


  • Yahoo Calendar integration
  • Blocking senders
  • Can create around 500 different disposable addresses with no personal data
  • Import file-based, Google, Outlook, and Facebook account contacts


  • Connect Yahoo mail with external email-based accounts
  • High-quality spam filter
  • Easy search important information and attached files (documents, videos, and images)


  • Many inbox ads
  • Only allows local device file attachments

9. GMX Mail

GMX or Global Mail eXchange is one of the best free email providers with high-grade email benefits. It is mainly for Germany-based users but also serves other users globally. However, this service provider explicitly offers the best security like two-factor authentication to its native users.

The best part about this service is its support of unlimited storage space. If you want to send larger files, you can attach up to a size 50 MB.

GMX Mail

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free


  • The maximum attachment size allowed is 50 MB
  • Two versions; one for the Germany-based users and one for international users
  • It supports 4 primary languages- German, English, French, and Spanish
  • Allows diverse file attachments like images, videos, and doc files


  • Mobile-intuitive app
  • Unlimited amount of email storage available
  • Can attach large files


  • No IMAP/POP access in the free version
  • Zero two-factor authentication support in international email service

10. AOL Mail

AOL Mail is one of the free email services available and has been operating under Verizon since 2015. This service is best for small businesses and freelancers.

Access the news hub present on the homepage for current headlines. You would also notice other valuable features like spell checking, virus protection, spam filters, sorting filters, and a to-do list.

AOL Mail

Compatibility:  All OS types

Price: Free


  • Virus protection available
  • Import contacts in LDIF, TXT, CSV formats
  • Library of diverse themes
  • Sound-alert available in-browser


  • Undo any sent mail to other AOL user
  • Custom settings available
  • Spell-check


  • Only attach files available in local storage
  • Many ads


Make your account on one or more of these free email services for your personal or corporate usage. Check the compatibility of each version with your browser/PC version, the additional features, and several supported accounts.

We found the best email services are Gmail or Microsoft Outlook; each has various features. Use a suitable antivirus and VPN protection software like Avast SecureLine VPN to keep your connections safe.

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