Best Free PC Games 2023

best free pc games

Last updated on January 24th, 2023 at 6:37 pm

PC games will always be on the cutting edge of technology. Games have power, versatility, and agility short. Computer games have been and will continue to be the greatest. As a result, to get your 2023 off to a spectacular start, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Windows games both paid and free PC games.

Best Windows Games 2023

1. Desperados 3

The top PC games ranking will commence with THQ Nordic’s Desperados Ill, a simple strategy game. The game has 5 characters that are customizable, each with its own set of weapons and skills. It’s a conventional covert game where players may assassinate foes or cause death by accident. Additionally, players may experience this as an action-adventure and then use the battle mode to pause the game briefly.

  • Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and Macintosh
Desperados 3

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows 7 64-bit or above

  • Price: Rs 5279/- onwards


  • The plot is a precursor to Desperados: Dead or Alive.
  • Throughout the game, you may scan your surroundings by using realistic maps.
  • There are four primary difficulty levels of the game.


  • Missions that are vivid.
  • It’s an exciting vengeance narrative.
  • Characters with specifics.


  • Levels are lengthy.
  • There are too many foes.

2. Cuphead

Cuphead is the perfect Windows game for family enjoyment with your small children. It’s a traditional chase source of inspiration by the latex type of animation movies popularized. Because of the cartoonish style, it is a much less actual violent game that can be enjoyed by everybody. It is regarded as the best pc games of all time.

  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows 7 or higher

  • Price: Rs. 1508/-


  • Cuphead came at fifth place on the Entertainment Weekly list in 2017.
  • Cuphead reached one million downloads during the first 2 weeks of its release.
  • It’s a fun action-adventure with 90 minutes of playtime.


  • Game for the whole family.
  • Boss battles are well-planned.


  • The graphic display is a little perplexing.
  • There is no online functionality.

3. Axiom Verge

This greatest Windows game is classified as a single scroller activity. Trace, the user, is controlled by a scientist who suffers from a severe injury following an accident in his laboratory and awakens in an old as well as the high-tech planet.

  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, and Classic Mac OS.
Axiom Verge

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows 7 or above

  • Price: Rs 1508/-


  • There are about 60 features, including power-ups, throughout the gameplay.
  • It’s a long game with more than 15 hours of playtime.


  • Excellent alien atmosphere.
  • There are a variety of places and weapons to test.
  • The soundtrack is fantastic for a science-fiction film.


  • The progression of the story is quite sluggish.
  • It might be overly reliant on its inspirations at times.

4. Rec Room

Rec Room is an excellent virtual reality interactive game that can be found on the Microsoft App Store if you’re seeking the best free pc games.

Compatibility: Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Microsoft Windows

Rec Room

Price: Free


  • It has a number of built-in games that are separate from one another.
  • The business raised around $5 million in investment to build the game.


  • The Rec Room was praised by a number of well-known publications and individuals.
  • The screenplay is extremely simple.
  • The virtual reality aspects are fantastic.


  • Body transitions are made slowly.
  • Hand reliant.

5. Spellbreak

Spellbreak is indeed an interactive spellcasting game that allows you to channel your latent battlemage. While uncovering the secrets of the Spellstrom, the character will emerge in Chapter 1. It is one of the best pc games.

  • Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows 7 or above

  • Price – Free with the purchase of a game-in.


  • There are several aspects and moving pieces, which necessitate considerable experience before engaging in power play with your friends. Mana governs all main and secondary strikes.
  • The solitary most significant facet of the game is grade.


  • The struggle has begun.
  • Multiplayer mode is available on several devices.


  • The advancement system is uninteresting.
  • The plot is tedious.

6. Adventures of Pip

Adventures of Pip is a fun, ambitious action-platformer with an original concept, but it has a frustrating power-up system and sparse (though excellent) music.

  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, macOS, Wii U, and Macintosh
Adventures of Pip

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows XP SP2 or higher

Price: Rs 1135/-


  • The finest Windows game featuring 2D side-scrolling adventure elements is Adventures of Pip.
  • The finest Windows game featuring 2D side-scrolling adventure elements is Adventures of Pip.
  • It is a game in which players may battle a massive 32-bit monster as a single-pixel or an 8-bit figure.


  • It’s entertaining to play.
  • The background is colourful, and the images are engaging.


  • The majority of power-ups are priced.

7. Doom Eternal

The finest PC game throughout the first shooter genre is Doom Eternal. It is also the fifth instalment in the primary Doom series as well as a spinoff to Doom.

  • Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia.
Doom Eternal

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows 10 (64 bit) or above

  • Price: Rs 4530/-


  • It is predicted that since March 2020, around 3 million game copies have been sold globally, breaking Doom’s record.
  • There are a number of 13 levels in the game, featuring Hell on Earth, Exultia, and others.


  • A wide range of adversaries and weaponry are available.
  • Beautiful visuals and soundtrack.
  • A well-balanced shooting game.


  • The plot is super serious as well as perplexing.
  • Platforming may be aggravating.

8. Bayonetta

The game Bayonetta is built on a brand, so it’s interesting to check out if you want to obtain a different perspective on video games.

  • Compatibility: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows 7 or above

  • Price: Rs 1508/-


  • It’s among the few lead female character-oriented fighting games.
  • It is an anime film based on the original game that was published in 2013.


  • Attacks and combinations are extremely strong.
  • The depiction of witch time is accurate.


  • Bayonetta constantly talks about aggravating players.

9. Blazing Chrome

Blazing Chrome is a mechanical world where people have little authority and position. And it is up to you to combat metal and liberate humanity while shooting some gunfire.

  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Blazing Chrome

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows 7 or above

Price: Rs 1,283/-


  • Post-apocalyptic sceneries in 16-bit resolution may give you shivers.
  • There are several boss bouts and mini-bosses clashes to keep you entertained.
  • The game has everything, from stunning motorbikes to explosive jetpack combat.


  • Fun action as well as a classic run.
  • There are several weapons and power-ups to choose from.
  • Pixel art is aesthetically pleasing.


  • Only municipal co-op platform is supported.
  • Only people on your Friends List could play alongside you.

10. Vigor

Bohemian Interactive’s top-rated unrestricted Gameplay is Vigor. This is an internet looter game where players must remain alive and build a shelter to defend themselves from the hostile climate.

  • Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5

Windows Operating System Requirements – Windows XP or higher

  • Price: Free with the purchase of a game-in.


  • When you enter Season 3, you may play a variety of game options such as Shootout and Elimination.
  • And during the early stages of development, this game was played by over 700,000 people.
  • Vigour is divided into three phases.


  • The gameplay is addictive.
  • Constructing a shelter is a fascinating pastime.


  • Graphical flaws are vexing.


We have listed the best games in the above article. Therefore, if you want to play a classic adventures game on your PC, the games listed above are the best in 2023.

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