5 Best Text-to-Speech Software

Among the different software options available, one notable choice that many users opt for is text-to-speech-based software. This type of speech analysis and synthesis application specializes in translating text or audio notes into auditory speech.

This software is a boon for students and regular users who want the software to read books or blogs out loud. On the other hand, professionals use it for digitalized voiceovers, promotional videos, and more. Even people with learning disabilities can use this software type for hearing document content that they have difficulty reading, like people with dyslexia.

Whatever your requirement may be, some good software options provide top-notch performance. Here are five of them.

Best Options for Text to Speech Software

Before compiling this list, we took the time to see their usage quality and tried them out in real-time. The following are the top 5 software types that we found most useful for their usage quality and features alike. Read ahead to know your options.

1. Synthesys


Synthesys is a suitable option for quickly transforming text to audio and generating high-quality AI-powered voiceovers. There are multiple voice options available among the AI avatars here, 35 of which are female, while 30 are male. You can select your preferred professional voice, choosing as per accent, gender, tone, or style that best suits your brand.

Then, you can type the text or paste an excerpt into the AI voice generation too. Configure the pause periods and reading speed, and make any modifications as necessary. Then, click on the “Create” button to get the right voice clip in seconds. Re-render if there are any issues in the automated generation version. This software is used for creating tutorials, greetings, podcasts, video voiceovers, etc. 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, web-based

How to Download/Use: Website

Price: Human Studio Synthesys- USD 39 per month, Human Studio + Audio Synthesys- USD 59 per month, Audio Synthesys- USD 29 per month

Main Selling Points:

  • Extensive library of 254 voices in 66+ language variations.
  • Best for both text-to-speech (audio) and text-to-video conversion.
  • Fifteen types of synthetic human voices are available for use in English.
  • Realistic accents, delivery styles, and tones for the voiceovers.


  • Continuously updates AI software for better user experience.
  • Cloud-based support, so it is usable for every user regardless of their OS type.
  • Dependable real-time chatbot and email-based customer support are available here.


  • Not best for reading documents out loud.
  • For the text-to-video version, the total limit of usage is 2 hours per day.

Best For: Beginner-level users can opt for it since the learning curve here is not complex, and no technical skill set is necessary.

2. Murf

Murf is a top-notch text-to-speech conversion tool that is available for professionals to create natural-sounding voiceovers or auditory translations of documents. The application supports a variety of 120+ voices to choose from and covers 20 diverse language options.

You can use the free version to get 10 minutes of support for transcription and voice generation support. Besides that, the software allows users to create customized voiceovers for videos, presentations, and podcasts after uploading images, music, or video. You can easily adapt home recordings into professional-quality video voiceovers, and it has strong text-to-speech functionality.

Compatibility: Windows and other operating systems.

How to Download/Use: web-based

Price: Free, One-Time Pack- USD 9, Basic- USD 19, Pro- USD 39, Enterprise- USD 249, all per month

Main Selling Points:

  • You can customize the speech and pitch of the voiceover.
  • Adjust the volume of the voice file from extreme whisper-level sound to high-level.
  • The software with IPA Phonemes supports the accurate pronunciation of words.
  • AI voice changer can convert all voice recordings into AI voice types.


  • Emphasize specific words during the speech.
  • Adjust the pronunciation of specific words related to specific phonemes or spelling.
  • The easy-to-use conversion method: pressing your cursor on the single “Build Audio” button starts the rendering process automatically.


  • Accent options are available in selective voice types.
  • There is no mobile-based version of the software, only online usage.

Best For: Professional editors and beginner-level users use Murf for the comprehensive list of features and AI-based tools available.

3. Natural Readers

Natural Readers

Natural Readers is a top software option that people can use for converting different text-based documents into audio files. The voice audio types that are available here are natural-sounding and diverse, with a library of diverse language and regional voice alternatives. You would get both standard voice options and premium choices for an additional cost.

The software works with different types of text documents like DOCX and PDF and does not change the quality of the formats during usage. You can even get digitized texts from printed characters with the OCR function and listen to or edit them smoothly. This function is useful in translating screenshots from ebook files as well.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

How to Download/Use: Website

Price: Free, Personal- USD 99.50, Professional- USD 129.50, Ultimate- USD 199.50, all one-time payments.

Main Selling Points:

  • Users can manually change pronunciations for specific words.
  • Read the available text directly on the Miniboard.
  • You can convert text documents into audio files in MP3 format.
  • OCR technology helps convert eBook text screenshots into speech.


  • It is available in both software and online version.
  • Modify the margins of the footers/headers for a better focus on the main content.
  • The original PDF file format does not change after use.


  • You can pay USD 39.50 for each new voice you add to your plan.
  • The software version only also has 2-6 premium voice options.

Best For: This is suitable for people needing TTS software for personal use, like learning a foreign language or dealing with learning disabilities.

4. Invicta TTS

Invicta TTS

Invicta TTS is a suitable text-to-speech online tool that works for Mac and iOS devices and even Windows users. The application is free to use and extremely simple, providing basic text-to-speech functions.

Users can add the text they want to convert into the audio version and then press the play button. The software would convert it and read the text aloud. If the text you add is extremely long, you can pause the reading and play again after a while. 

Compatibility: macOS, Windows, iOS

How to Download/Use: Mac, iOS

Price: Free

Main Selling Points:

  • Fill up support tickets for queries or issue management.
  • The simple format of adding the text. The software focuses on analyzing and then reading the content out loud.
  • You can pause the content or rewind it to hear it again.
  • Share files after conversion easily to other users.


  • The process of text-to-speech conversion is simple and takes a few seconds.
  • Lightweight app with to-the-point functions.
  • Works both online and offline.


  • It is primarily for Mac-based and iOS-based users.
  • Lack of diversity when it comes to voices and language support.

Best For: Students who want robust and free text-to-speech software opt for Invicta TTS.

5. Notevibes


Notevibes is a top-quality text-to-speech software that comes with over 201 realistic voice types. The application supports over 25 different global languages, with noticeable accent and dialect-based differences. You can generate the audio with speed, pitch, and volume changes and then distribute or save it on the software.

The output versions that the software supports for audio files are WAV and MP3. Moreover, you can use it for different types of voiceovers, like voicemail greetings, YouTube video speeches, or DJ audio samples. The Deep Mind-based audio synthesizer allows users to get real voices.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and all operating systems.

How to Download/Use: Online (Cabinet)

Price: Personal- USD 19 per month, Commercial- USD 99 per month, Pay-as-you-go plan- USD 59

Main Selling Points:

  • Adjust the pitch and speed of the audio during editing.
  • Add pauses in between the voiceover at specific points for emphasis.
  • Strong security protocols for safe storage and usage of the TTS data.
  • Develop voice samples for musical tracks.


  • Includes over 201 natural female and male voices.
  • Supports over 25 languages with accented and tonal modifications as per dialect.
  • Save and share Audio in WAV and MP3 formats.


  • The application allows users to save audio files for only 14 days.
  • Set the voice configurations properly since the algorithm would deduct the balance for each TTS conversion, regardless of whether you download it.

Best For: Professionals who want to create natural-sounding informational, sales, and training videos can use this app.


Whether you want to learn a new language by listening to the audio version of the text or reading documents aloud, all these software are capable of whichever functions they offer. For the best use, opt for Synthesys with its AI-powered synthesis software, Murf for realistic voice quality, or Invictus for its simple usability. Make your choice after considering all options well and trying them out first, if possible.

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