10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone in 2023

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Last updated on December 15th, 2022 at 5:50 pm

Videos are the most popular content production channel today. Be it social media or the worldwide web, videos are the biggest source of generating traffic these days. Therefore, having a video editing app installed on your iPhone for quick video enhancement before posting online is vital.

Luckily, Windows users can use EaseUs MovieMaker to create stunning and professional videos in no time. But unfortunately, this tool is not available for iOS devices.

Now, no need to dishearten. As there are several great iOS video editing apps available on the App Store. Today, we will unveil the best 10 video editing apps for iPhone users. So, let’s get started.

10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone Users to Not Miss Out in 2023

A competent video editing app comes with many editing features such as audio integration, video cropping, picture-in-picture videos, and more. So, when we tried different iOS video editing apps, based on compatibility and features, these tools ranked on our top 10 list:

1. iMovie

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 15.0 or later

App Size: 567.6 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

iMovie is a multi-touch gestural video editing app for iPhone users to create Hollywood-style trailers and movies. You have the option to choose from 14 ready-made templates adorned with fascinating graphics and original scores. All the templates are fully customizable that let you add studio logos, credits, and cast names. In addition, you can directly record videos in iMovie and capture stunning videos using 8 unique themes with matching titles, transitions, and music.


Top Features

  • Provide your video a perfect look with 13 Apple-designed video filters.
  • Easily modify any title via tweaking its size, color, location, font, and more.
  • Ability to select the best videos and photos for your trailer using animated drop zones.
  • It can add picture-in-picture, split-screen, and green screen effects.
  • Allows you to select from 80+ soundtracks that will automatically adjust to your movie length.
  • Add different types of backgrounds to your videos like solid, patterned, and gradient.


  • iCloud support.
  • It can AirDrop videos.
  • Easy to use.


  • It only works with the latest iOS versions.

2. InShot

App Store Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 11.0 or later

App Size: 175.7 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

InShot is a professional yet fun iOS video editing app to add music, effects, emojis, and several filters to your videos. The app has basic and advanced video editing features like trimming, cutting apart, or merging videos. There you will also find exclusive vlog music or an option to add your own music to videos in MP3 format. You can add voiceovers to create interactive 3D videos. For creating engaging video tutorials, you can use text with a timeline to sync your text with videos.


Top Features

  • Several cinematic filters and unique filters like noise, beats, glitch, retro DV, etc.
  • It can combine two videos seamlessly with smooth transitions.
  • Using picture-in-picture, you can insert video and photo layers on the main video.
  • Ability to add motion layers like text, PIP, stickers, etc.
  • Excellent to create social media videos using blur border, colored border, and move videos inside the square.
  • Add emojis, stickers, and text to make fun video stories.


  • Easy to use.
  • Several stickers and emojis.
  • A vast music gallery.


  • Doesn’t support all OS platforms.

3. KineMaster

App Store Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 13.2 or later

App Size: 93.8 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Are you a YouTuber, TikToker or Instagrammer? Then, KineMaster is the best video editing app for you. This app contains several powerful tools to edit a stunning video to share with your followers. It also has an Asset Store from where you can search different assets to make a cool video. Besides this, the Get Projects menu offers over 300 projects to customize as per your needs. Overall, for the Gen-Z generation, it is a perfect tool.


Top Features

  • Quick tools to splice, cut, and crop your videos.
  • It can combine and edit videos, photos, text, stickers, and more.
  • Over 2,500 downloadable effects, transitions, stickers, fonts, emojis, and more.
  • Easy to add sound effects, voiceovers, music, and voice changers to your videos.
  • It can create breathtaking visuals using awesome effects like reversing, adding slow-mo, speeding up, blending modes, and more.


  • Lightweight application.
  • Provides offline support.


  • Expensive monthly subscription.
  • It only works with the latest iOS.

4. VideoShop

App Store Rating: 4.8/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 13.0 or later

App Size: 187.2 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

VideoShop is a powerful yet free iOS video editing app. The app has several fast editing tools, filters, and effects to customize videos. VideoShop offers simple video editing features like trimming, splitting, adding music, sound effects, and more. One of the best VideoShop features is reverse playback, tilt-shift, key burns, freeze, and directly sharing edited videos to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, and more.


Top Features

  • The VideoShop Chroma feature is great to add a fun background to your selfies.
  • The Lip Sync feature lets you sing and dub your favorite songs to share on social media.
  • It can create layered effects by putting a video over video.
  • VideoShop also helps to apply illusionary effects to your videos.
  • It can create claymation videos with stop motion recording.
  • Easy to add animated titles and enhance video appearance using filters.


  • Easy to use.
  • Good to create stop motion videos.
  • Smooth integration with cloud and social media platforms.


  • It can’t edit large files. 

5. Filmmaker Pro

App Store Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 13.0 or later

App Size: 404.3 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases. A premium plan for $7.99 per month.

Filmmaker Pro is a feature-loaded video editing app for iPhone users. The app supports all iPhone SE and iPad Pro devices to capture 4K videos. The program is suitable for creating, managing, and sharing videos across different channels. It enables iOS users to create Hollywood-style videos using different background colors, aspect ratios, long pressure gestures, and much more. In addition, auto-save makes sure that your edits will never get lost.

Filmmaker Pro

Top Features

  • It offers 39 transition options to trim, split, or duplicate video clips.
  • Several video grading options include brightness, exposure, saturation, white balance, and more.
  • Offers real-time filters, playback effects, and picture-in-picture videos.
  • You will get over 96 custom-composed thematic music tracks to adjust to your videos automatically.
  • A wide collection of fonts such as 79 classic fonts, 16 script-style fonts, 26 retro-style fonts, 21 graffiti-style fonts, and more.
  • Offers more than 220 beautiful labels and illustrations.


  • Severus illustrations, stickers, and filters.
  • Good for professional users.


  • All good features are paid for.
  • Expensive tool.

6. LumaFusion

App Store Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 15.0 or later

App Size: 184.7 MB

Price: Subscription for $19.99.

LumaFusion is a multitrack iOS video editing app. It is perfect for professionals to craft visual stories using several editing features. It is a critically acclaimed video editing software that can cut, copy, and paste in your video timeline. LumaFusion makes track headers for hiding m locking, or muting tracks for easy editing. Besides this, a plethora of powerful effects are available to enhance video quality, such as green screen, blurs, distort, luma, and chroma keys.


Top Features

  • Easy to stabilize videos with integrated Lock and Load Stabilizers.
  • It can create slow/fast motion forward and reverse videos with 120 and 240 FPS files.
  • You can fine-tune audio with the Graphic EQ, dual-mono audio captures, and many third-party audio plugins.
  • Ability to create multilayer titles using different shapes, images, fonts, borders, and more.
  • You can create endless projects with different aspect ratios like landscape, widescreen, square, and more.


  • Fast processing.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not free.
  • Costly in-app purchases.

7. Splice

App Store Rating: 4.5/6

Compatible iOS: iOS 11.2 or later

App Size: 96.5 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Splice is a great video editor for iOS devices to customize professional-looking videos in no time. It offers a fast and seamless editing experience like a desktop on a mobile phone. With just one tap, you can trim, add slow motion efforts, and overlay videos to create a stunning movie to share with your pals. Splice has made the video editing experience on iPhone a lot easier and simpler.


Top Features

  • Easy to refine your video clips using saturation, contrast, exposure, and more.
  • Ability to adjust playback speed for fast or slow-motion videos.
  • The Chrome key can quickly remove backgrounds.
  • Simple to apply overlay photos or videos to mask incredible effects.
  • Apply different filters to adjust video background colors, orientation, and more.
  • Select from 6000+ royalty-free tracks to enhance the audio quality of your videos.


  • Suitable for novice users.
  • Supports multiple languages.


  • Works with the latest iOS only.

8. VideoProc Vlogger

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 11.0 or later

App Size: N/A

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

VideoProc Vlogger is another useful video editing app for iPhone users to create videos and vlogs. It is a great tool for both amateur and professional videographers. This tool can create HDR and 4-K level quality with ease. In addition, it can adjust different settings to better optimize videos like filters, texts, soundtracks, and more. Also, VideoProc Vlogger can easily merge, rotate, crop, and split videos.


Top Features

  • 20+ speed presets to create ups and downs to the beat.
  • Create speed changes to make sports and travel vlogs more engaging.
  • Automatic keyframes slow any video part without splitting it.
  • 28 motion presets to crop, pan, or zoom videos.


  • Auto-save videos.
  • Easy to use.
  • Real-time edits.


  • Better for Windows than iOS.

9. Quik

App Store Rating: 4.8/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 14.0 or later

App Size: 210.8 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases. A pro plan for $1.99 per month.

Quik is a one-shot iOS video editing app to create a perfect video to share on your social media platforms. You can export your best camera roll, text threads, or email photos to maximize your editing speed. This is a great app to automatically create stunning videos well-synced with several audio tracks and overlays. All in all, it is an awesome tool to edit and style videos using gorgeous filters.


Top Features

  • Easy to control video speed at multiple segments — super slow, fast, or freeze.
  • Exclusive filters to optimize environments like water and snow.
  • Directly share edited videos on your social media platforms.
  • It is an excellent app for framing shots, recording from afar, and adjusting settings.
  • You can live stream or backup your videos to the cloud.


  • Easy to use.
  • Preview shots.


  • The live stream is only available on the paid version.
  • Clunky interface.

10. VideoLeap

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible iOS: iOS 13.0 or later

App Size: 207.9 MB

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

VideoLeap is a fun and robust iOS video editing app. It can combine clips, add texts and effects to them and edit videos on your iPhone or iPad. The app is amazing to create artistic, Hollywood-style films and simple home videos with a click. Both beginners and professionals can take leverage from VideoLeap editing tools.


Top Features

  • Special video editing features like Defocus, Chromatic Aberration, Colorfy, Prism, and more.
  • Offers a variety of fonts, emojis, colors, opacity, blending, and more.
  • Ability to mix videos and images together to create double exposures and artistic looks.
  • Apply seamless transitions to your video clips.
  • An option to select from over 100 sound effects or dub audio and voiceovers. 


  • Mini-tutorials are available.
  • Good for overlapping objects.


  • Not good for novice users.
  • It only works with the latest iOS.

Let’s Edit Some Videos!

Indeed, it is super easy to capture and edit videos with iOS devices. All you need is a good video editing app for your iPhone, and you are set to post stunning videos on your social media.

We have already shared the best iOS video editing apps that you can use in 2023. So, let’s just select the right tool and start your video journey today. Also, don’t forget to share and like this top 10 guide.

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