How to Fix “Cannot Verify Server Identity” on Your iPhone or iPad?

Does your iPhone display the “cannot verify server identity” warning message? You are not alone, though.

Because of rigorous mail server verification, the iPhone mail software occasionally generates this error. Due to this problem, you can’t send or receive emails on your iPhone.

This article will identify the underlying cause of the cannot verify server identity iPhone issue and provide a permanent solution.

Why I Encountered the Cannot Verify Server Identity iPhone or iPad Error?

You must study more about SSL certificates to comprehend the underlying reason for this problem. It is a code that aids in confirming who owns which website. Additionally, SSL examines the company’s dependability.

On the iPhone, an untrusted server is typically blamed for the “cannot verify server identity” issue. However, iOS flaws and incorrect email settings could occasionally be blameable. Creating a new email account frequently also causes this problem. SSL verification happens each time a new email account is added.

Let’s consider a solution to the problem.

7 Solutions to Fix “Cannot Verify Server Identity” on Your iPhone or iPad

The Apple Mail app is excellent and easy to use on iPhone or iPad. But, many users have reported on the Apple Community that they see a “cannot verify server identity” message when they try to send an email.

Apple has no official solution to fix the error. But, iOS experts and tech nerds like TC have dug into the problem and found some effective solutions. So, to support over 1.2 billion iPhone users, we recommend the following solutions to fix the cannot verify server identity iPhone or iPad error:

Solution 1. Switch or Configure Your Internet Connection

An alternative internet connection or a connection reset are the first things you can try. Your local internet connection may have become problematic even though your device and the mail server may both be functioning normally.

Most connection problems with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be fixed by unplugging, waiting for a little, and reconnecting. If your router and modem are separate devices, turn them off, wait a few seconds, and then switch them back on. Consider resetting your network connection on-device as well for a brand-new starting point.

Solution 2. Configure Date and Time Settings

The Mail app’s ability to connect to the server can also be hampered by incorrect date and time settings on your device. Therefore, the app can stop you from sending emails. However, you can configure the iPhone to utilize the network-provided date and time rather than manually setting them. This is how to go about it:

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone and select General.

Settings app

Step 2. Select Date & Time and turn on the automatic setting checkbox next to it.

Solution 3. Remove & Re-add Your Email Account

You can delete the account in question and add it again if you only see the cannot verify server identity error with a specific mail account. This is the procedure:

Step 1. Tap the Settings app on your device and select Mail by scrolling down.

Step 2. Select the email account you’re having trouble with under Accounts.

Step 3. Select “Delete Account” from the menu. When a prompt pops up, choose Delete Account.

Delete Account

Return to the Accounts tab and choose Add Account to log in using your account. This must fix the problem.

Solution 4. Disable SSL Encryption

The connection between the Mail app and the server is encrypted thanks to SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) technology. You can encounter a ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ problem on your iPhone if there is a discrepancy between the SSL certificates on your phone and one on the server. For the time being, you might try turning off SSL encryption to see whether the error, as mentioned earlier, disappears. How? Read on.

A warning, please. Your emails become vulnerable to attacks if SSL is disabled. Your login and password would be visible in plaintext to anyone on the same network as you if someone were to intercept the messages.

Step 1. Open the Settings app and select Mail by scrolling down.

Step 2. Select the problematic email account under Accounts.

Email Accounts

Step 3. Tap the email address at the top.

Step 4. Select Advanced and turn the Use SSL switch off.

Disable SSL Encryption

Solution 5. Update Your iOS

By this time, a flaw in the Mail app or iOS is probably to blame if the “Cannot Verify Server Identity” warning is still bothering you. In that scenario, you ought to immediately install any upcoming iOS updates. The Mail app on your iPhone will also be updated as a result.

Open the Settings menu and select General to see whether there are any upcoming iOS updates. Next, choose Software Update.

Update Your iOS

Update your iOS device, then check to see if the issue recurs.

Solution 6. Close the Mail App

iOS and iPadOS are aggressive in storing an app’s memory state in long-term storage. As a result, your Mail app might not be closed in months or even years.

Swipe up from the bottom of your home screen until you see the app carousel. Swipe right until you find the mail app, then swipe up to kill it. Then reopen it to check if it fixed the problem.

Solution 7. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is a general troubleshooting tip, but it is something that a surprising percentage of people overlook while experiencing issues with their technology.

If you’ve never shut off your iPhone or iPad before, just hold the volume up and side button and release it when you see “Slide to power off,” then move the slider to the right until the device goes off. Then, hold the side button to switch your device back on.

Cool Tips & Tricks to Use the Mail App

Despite the cannot verify server identity errors, the Mail app is an excellent application for sending and receiving emails. There you can find many great features in the Mail app, such as:

Rich links

Apple has added rich links to Mail. Even if you’re unfamiliar with its name, you’ve already encountered this function in Messages. Without clicking the link, rich links give you a sneak peek of the website or material that has been delivered to you.

Rich links

Schedule emails

The ability to schedule emails for a later time is a feature that consumers frequently ask for. For example, sometimes you write an email but decide to send it later to ensure the recipient is accessible to read and answer.

Remind to read later

You can now ask Mail to remind you to read an email later when you have the time and attention. Select the email you want to be reminded about, then swipe to the right to accomplish this. Select Remind Me in 1 Hour, Remind Me Tonight, or Remind Me Tomorrow by tapping the Remind Me button. If you wish to schedule it for a specific time and day, choose to Remind Me Later.

 Remind to read later

Manage multiple accounts together

Add an account to the Mail app by going to iPhone Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account. You can easily add several email accounts to your iPhone. After adding additional accounts, you can designate one of your added email accounts as the default account. The Mail app will open with the standard email “From” section when you tap an email from a website or app.

Easy unsubscribe

Several emails will include an unsubscribe link that will allow you to simply remove yourself from the mailing list. Tap Unsubscribe and confirm the confirmation popup.

 Easy unsubscribe

Just You Mail App Easily!

There you have it, people! We have shared how to fix cannot verify server identity iPhone error and use the Mail app. So, you can now easily send or receive emails on your iPhone or iPad. But, if you get stuck somewhere, you can jot it down in the comments or check other iOS guides here.

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