How to clean your keyboard?

How often do you clean your keyboard?

Do you usually have to rush to the service center to get your keyboard repaired only to know the dust and debris that caused damage to the internal components?

Well, cleaning the keyboard is no rocket science. You can quickly achieve excellent results once you understand the proper process. In addition, you also need to get the best cleaning kit with everything you might need later to clean different parts of the product. So, to help you out of the dilemma, we have prepared a guide for you based on which you can gain more knowledge about keyboard cleaning and maintenance.

Why is it important to clean the keyboard?

The first thing we will learn here is the importance of cleaning the keyboard. Many people need to be made aware that leaving the keyboard as it is leads to the accumulation of dirt and debris inside. This can not only slow down the device but can also lead to thermal breakdown. Therefore, knowing the importance of keyboard cleaning is crucial for everyone.

  • If dust accumulates on the critical panel, the keyboard delays response more than expected. Prolonged exposure to dust and debris can lead to short circuits in the IC, thereby leading to thermal breakdown.
  • You won’t get the expected visibility when dust and grime accumulate over the keys in thin layers. You might see the grime leaving marks on the screen that are hard to remove.
  • Dust and debris accumulation within the keyboard can also cost the device to consume excessive battery power, thereby leading to overheating and battery damage. So, cleaning the keyboard is crucial, especially if you don’t want the device to perform in adverse ways due to damage to the battery.
  • Also, when you don’t clean your keyboard, its performance degrades, and all the operations slow down. This is why clean the device occasionally and ensure no debris or dust buildup is present inside that might compromise the performance.
  • If there is any larger solid debris stuck between the keypad, you won’t be able to use those keys. They will get jammed and won’t operate until you remove the debris stuck in between.

Things to add to your keyboard cleaning basket

There are various things you can use to clean the keyboard. It mainly depends on the area you want to clean, the dust and debris accumulation level, and many other factors. Not going into the details of these factors, let’s see the significant products your keyboard cleaning kit should have.

  1. Cleaning brush: the first and foremost thing you must include in the kit is a cleaning brush. It should have delicate and soft bristles to remove the dust and dirt between the key panels, exhaust slats or holes, USB, and charging ports.
  2. Microfiber cloth: you also need a microfiber cloth to wipe the keys without leaving a scratch or any stain. It will also help you to remove the dust and debris from the corners and crevices of the keyboard body.
  3. Compressed air: you might also need a bottle of compressed air to blast the same and remove the dirt and debris, which are usually quite stubborn for other cleaning methods. These gases come in small canisters you can get from any electronic store and perform the same at your home.

Top ways to clean the keyboard

Method 1: Light and superficial cleaning

You can go for light and superficial cleaning when there is a small deposit of dirt and debris. To do so, follow these below steps, and you can achieve the best results.

  • Turn and shake your keyboard but not agitatedly, so all the loose dirt and debris can fall off.
Light and superficial cleaning
  • The dust and debris can sometimes get stuck between the keys and the panels. You need the brush with fine bristles and gently remove the accumulated obstacles. Please do not press the keys while using the brush, as it can push debris farther into the keyboard panel.
 cleaning the keyboard with soft brush
  • Use a small microfiber cloth to remove the dust from over the keyboard. If you do not have a brush, this cloth can be a substitute for removing debris quickly.
using microfiber to remove dust
  • If you have a small compressed air canister, release the high-pressure gas by tilting your keyboard in slow bursts. This will help you remove the dust and debris inside the keyboard panel.
 cleaning keyboard with compressed gas

Method 2: Removing grime and stain

Grime and stains are pretty stubborn and hard to remove. If you do not take appropriate steps or make any mistake during cleaning, it can leave a permanent mark on the keyboard, and the device can also get damaged. To help you out of this, we have described the steps to clean stains and grime from your keyboard like a professional.

  • Soak your microfiber cloth or wipe to clean the grime and strain between the keys, the free blank space on the keyboard, and the corners.
cleaning keyboard with soaked water
  • Sometimes, the stains won’t go away after wiping them with water. In this case, you have to use isopropyl alcohol but in a minimal amount. You shouldn’t spray the alcohol directly over the keyboard as it can leave white stains. Instead, use the alcohol over a cotton swab or microfiber cloth and then use it to remove the grime.
cleaning the keyboard with isopropyl alcohol
  • Use a toothpick or scraper to remove the coat if there is a paint stain or any other kind of grime.

Method 3: Keyboard deep cleaning

Last but not least, you can deep clean the keyboard to ensure all the keys perform best. Since deep cleaning requires a certain level of expertise, it would be better to connect with a professional.


In this article, we have walked you through the three primary ways to clean your keyboard and keep it healthy. Apart from this, we also introduced you to the benefits of cleaning the keyboard regularly, and the top items should be in the cleaning kit. Since you have to use the keyboard to complete your assignment, make a presentation for the office, or chat with others on social media accounts, your responsibility is to maintain its health through frequent cleaning and caring. These above methods will certainly help you in removing accumulated dust and debris in no time.

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