How To Download and Update 802 11n WLAN Driver

How To Download 802 11n WLAN Driver in Windows 11

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The WLAN driver is a network driver which is designed for network devices. It is used for wireless network connectors, which are included in many laptops and desktop computers.

It is important to note that the correct driver must be used for a specific device. If you are experiencing difficulties with your 802 11n WLAN driver, it may be necessary to update the drivers for your device. It can be frustrating when internet connection problems arise, so it is essential to investigate the underlying issue. Further in this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process to download 802 11n WLAN driver. 

802 11n WLAN driver: An Overview

802.11n, an IEEE standard for wireless networking, improves the velocity, reliability, and coverage range of wireless transmissions in WLANs. Wireless protocols undergo regular updates, with each new feature delivering developments like improved data transfer rates, faster internet connectivity, expanded channel capacity, and more secure and stable connections.

After the update 802 11n WLAN driver version, system can achieve a maximum data rate of 600 Mbps, making it a significant innovation in wireless technology.

Features of 802 11n WLAN driver:

To adjust the increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, the 802.11n standard was introduced, offering essential features and improvements. These improvements were to improve the output with faster data transfer. Here are the features:

  • It uses OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) to improve the data rate without changing the spectrum allocated for 802.11a.
  • The physical layer has advanced signal processing and modulation techniques that transmit data simultaneously through four antennas when the system download 802 11n WLAN driver.
  • The concept of frame aggregation is introduced to decrease the time taken for transmissions. With frame aggregation, a station that has requested and been granted access to the channel can transmit a series of frames without needing to release the channel and regain permission for each frame. As a result, this method helps reduce communication errors and improves data transmission speed.
  • The technology utilizes MIMO and a wider radio frequency channel to enhance its capabilities. It also enables an increased channel width, expanding from 20 MHz to 40 MHz.
  • The raw data output of 802.11n reaches around 600 Mbps, more than ten times greater than that of 802.11g when the system update 802 11n WLAN driver.

Steps To Download 802 11n WLAN Driver:

If the WLAN driver is missing or becomes corrupted, it can cause problems with internet connectivity. Suppose you are experiencing internet connection issues or cannot modify your internet settings. In that case, it is likely that the WLAN driver is either missing, damaged, or needs to be updated. Here are the steps to download 802 11n WLAN driver easily: 

Method 1: Manual Download Or Update 802 11n WLAN Driver:

On the manufacturer’s website, you can download the most up-to-date version of the driver to install on your computer. You have an alternative method to download the 802.11n WLAN driver using Device Manager manually. With Device Manager, you can access and control your computer’s hardware device and driver software. Here are the steps: 

  • Establish a connection between your computer and network card. Then, access Device Manager on your computer by executing devmgmt.msc. It is one of the best method to download 802 11n WLAN driver.


downlaod WLAN driver
  • To find your network adapter, expand the Network adapters category. In some cases, you may find it under other devices. Then, perform a right-click on your network card and choose the option to update 802 11n WLAN driver.
Update 802 11n WLAN Driver
  • Select the “Search automatically” feature for updated driver software, and then simply follow the instructions appearing on your screen to download 802 11n WLAN driver .
admin setting page

This was the manual process you can also use third-party tools to update outdated drivers.

Method 2: Run Windows Update To Download 802.11n WLAN Driver

Windows Update is an alternative way to download and install 802.11n WLAN drivers. Here are the instructions to obtain the most suitable 802.11n WLAN drivers and upgrade the Windows operating system version.

  • To start, select the Start menu button at the bottom of the left side. Then, click on the gear icon and the Settings icon.Now, you will be directed to the windows Settings page. Proceed further by selecting the Update & Security option.
admin setting page Windows 11
  • Now, you will be directed to the Windows Settings page. Proceed further by selecting the Update & Security option.
update and security option windows 11

To start, go to the left side of the screen and find the Windows Update option. Next, could you give it a click? Finally, find the Check For Updates button on the right side of the screen and click it.

finale update alert window

Method 3: Use A Third-Party Updating Tool To Update The 802 11n WLAN Driver Automatically:

If you’re new to computers and struggling to find the correct drivers online, consider using a third-party updating tool that can automatically install the correct drivers for you. Many well-known driver updater utilities are available that can quickly fix any problematic drivers with just a few clicks. Here are the steps: 

  • Once installed, click the “Scan Drivers” button on the main screen to allow the tool to scan your computer for any possible driver issues. 
  • After the scan, review the results and click the “Update Now” button next to the problematic 802.11n wireless LAN driver to automatically download and install the latest version.
Auslogics Driver Updater

Method 4: Enable The 802 11n WLAN Driver.

If the drivers are already available, enabling them rather than installing them is necessary. Here are the steps:

  • To find the ‘Network and Sharing Center,’ you have two options: access it through the control panel or simply search for it.
PC Setting page on Windows 11
  • Find the option Change Adaptor setting.
adapter setting on Windows 11
  • Look for the Wi-Fi adapter and use the right-click option to open the properties menu.
  • Access the ‘Configure’ menu, select the ‘Advanced Tab,’ and enable 802 11n. 


You can effortlessly update and download 802 11n WLAN driver on Windows by following the abovementioned steps. We recommend utilizing a third-party updating tool if you’re uncertain about which approach to take. This software has the backup of old drivers but also enables you to update drivers all at once or individually.

Additionally, these updating tools display the driver’s older and newer versions, helping you make informed choices. These steps encourage you to try and resolve any driver-related problems.


1. How can I update the WLAN adapter driver on Windows 10 manually?

To manually update 802 11n WLAN driveron Windows 10, individuals can utilize the Device Manager tool provided by Windows. Begin by opening the Device Manager, selecting the appropriate category, and expanding it. Next, right-click on the desired WLAN adapter driver and select “Update Driver Software,” followed by “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.” Allow the process to complete, and then restart the computer to download 802 11n WLAN driver.

2. What is the function of 802.11n WLAN?

The 802.11n driver is a standard software to enhance network connectivity in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). It improves the speed, range, and reliability of wireless transmissions while also offering a higher bandwidth.

3. What is the process to manually download 802.11n WLAN driver?

The recent version of 802.11n WLAN drivers can be installed by the user manually through the official website of the network adapter manufacturer or by using an included CD or DVD that comes with the device.

4. How can I activate the wireless connection in 802.11n mode?

To access the Device Manager, go to the Network Adapters category and open it by double-clicking. Then, right-click on the 802.11n driver and choose the Action option from the top menu. Use the downward arrow to choose Enabled. Finally, save the changes and restart your computer for them to take effect.

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