How to encrypt your WhatsApp backup on Google Drive?

WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging platform used globally. It is a perfect tool for quick personal and professional communications. This cross-platform and voice-over-internet-IP service helps users share locations, documents, images, payments, voice calls, video calls, and many more.

However, due to the increased cyber security issues, WhatsApp needs to be protected from unauthorized access. It is easy to understand the different steps related to improving digital privacy by encrypting the WhatsApp backup on Google drive. It helps WhatsApp users to keep a secure chat backup protected by a password or encryption key.

WhatsApp is doing its best when it comes to protecting user data. The company launched the encrypted cloud backup option in 2021 only. Beginners and professionals can quickly go through all about this feature and can enable it on their devices.

chat backup

Prerequisites for encrypting WhatsApp backup on Google Drive:

Before jumping to the steps to encrypt WhatsApp backup on Google Drive, it is necessary to learn some requirements. So, the key points to remember for this process include the following:

  1. WhatsApp rolled out end-to-end encryption for cloud backups in 2021 but it needs to be enabled by a specific user.
  2. It is necessary to use a minimum seven-character password, at least one number or a 64-digit encryption key to protect WhatsApp backup. It is impossible to recover encrypted WhatsApp backup on Google drive without these details.
  3. It is easy to change the frequency of the WhatsApp backup based on specific needs.
  4. All the WhatsApp encrypted backup settings can be changed at any time manually.
  5. It is essential to use any security tool like Norton mobile security to keep your device protected from random cyber attacks.

Steps to encrypt WhatsApp backup on Google Drive:

After going through the key points about backup encryption on Google drive, it is time to understand the detailed steps for the same. So, below are the quick steps to encrypt WhatsApp backup on Google drive:

  1. Open WhatsApp on the device. Go to “Settings,” located in the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner.
whatsapp settings
  • Go to the “Chats” option in WhatsApp settings.
  • Go to the “Chat backup” option in the Chats menu of WhatsApp settings.
Chat backup
  • Start the WhatsApp chat backup. Once done, go to the “End-to-end encrypted backup” option.
end to end encrypted backup
  • Click on the “TURN ON” option when system asks for permission.
  • Select any one choice out of the “CREATE PASSWORD” or “USE 64-DIGIT ENCRYPTION KEY” options for protecting the WhatsApp backup.
encryption key
  • If going for the password, it must have six characters and one letter. If going for the 64-bit encryption key, it is necessary to save it as WhatsApp doesn’t preserve it. Go to “Continue” to turn on encryption for WhatsApp backup on Google drive.

Steps to check WhatsApp backup on Google Drive:

It is easy to check the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive after encrypting it. It relives the WhatsApp users about their data backup and ensures that the complete access and control of the backup are with them only. So, below are the quick steps to check WhatsApp backup on Google drive:

  1. Sign in to Google drive with the respective Google Account.
  2. Go to “Settings” of Google drive by clicking on the gear symbol.
google drive settings
  • Go to the “Manage apps” section.
  • Go to the list of the applications connected to Google drive. Look for the “WhatsApp Messenger” option. Go to the “Options” located ahead of it and check the WhatsApp backup.
manage apps
  • It is easy to delete or backup WhatsApp data using Google drive. It is not possible to retrieve this data from any other program directly as it is encrypted through WhatsApp.

Protecting the encrypted WhatsApp backup on Google Drive:

It is easy to encrypt the WhatsApp backup on Google drive with the detailed steps mentioned above. Hence, a specific lock key or password is required to decrypt WhatsApp backup and install it on any other device.

WhatsApp users can rely on the small logistics, which come at a minimal price to pay for safeguarding their online privacy. It is easy to understand the WhatsApp protocols in detail to protect the detailed WhatsApp backup and install it on any other device easily and safely.

Encrypt WhatsApp backup on Google Drive- Important points:

After going through all about the encrypted WhatsApp backup on Google drive, it is easy to keep in mind the following important points:

  1. Encrypt WhatsApp backup on Google drive is available to all users, but it needs to be manually initiated.
  2. It is crucial to encrypt the WhatsApp backup on Google drive to eliminate any security loopholes in managing WhatsApp chats.
  3. It is necessary to remember the password or the 64-bit encryption key used to encrypt the WhatsApp backup on Google drive. It is impossible to decrypt this WhatsApp backup on other devices without them.
  4. Encrypting WhatsApp backup on Google drive takes a few moments only but is important when it is about protecting digital privacy.

Wrapping Up

Hope everything is clear to our readers about the WhatsApp backup encryption on Google Drive. It is easy to manually enable the WhatsApp security feature protecting the backup on Google drive. Users can quickly set a lock key or a password to use this encrypted WhatsApp data on other devices securely.

With the increased protection of WhatsApp backup and other data, it is easy for users to rely on this instant messaging app for personal or professional needs. However, security remains a crucial concern amid the increased cyber attacks. It is easy to optimize the security of WhatsApp with its essential features like backup encryption on Google drive.

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