How to Fix Screen Share Not Working on Discord

Discord is the perfect place for gamers and creators to communicate and share their ideas. The main feature that sets Discord apart from all other communication tools is screen sharing.

Discord allows you to share a screen with your friends while playing games. This way, you can share your power play with your community.

However, many users have reported that they are unable to share a screen on Discord. They said screen share not working on Discord is random and sudden.

However, it is not that big of an issue. You can fix screen share not working on Discord using some simple solutions. And all the solutions you are going to find in this post. So, let’s get moving.

Here’s How to Fix Screen Share Not Working on Discord

Discord is a popular social networking platform among young people. The gaming and artist community is quite active on Discord.

But unfortunately, a screen share not working on Discord error is often spotted spoiling the user experience. So, if you want to fix screen share not working on Discord, just follow these solutions:

Solution 1. Update Your Discord Profile

When you wish to share your Discord screen while playing games or running a desktop app, you might need to add it to your Discord profile. This will tell Discord to list it as a running application to enable screen sharing. You might also need to update your status to show you are sharing a screen.

Here’s how to add an application to your Discord profile:

Step 1. Open the Discord app on your computer whilst your game is running in the background.

Step 2. Select the Settings icon next to your username in the bottom left corner.

Update Your Discord Profile

Step 3. Under the Settings menu, select the Game Activity option in the Gaming Settings category.

Step 4. If Discord doesn’t recognise a running game, a message saying No game detected will pop up. To fix this issue, select the Add it option.

Game Activity

Step 5. Navigate through the list of open apps from the dropdown menu. Select your running game or software, and click on the Add Game button. This will probably fix screen share not working on Discord. 

Solution 2. Run Discord as an Administrator

The screen share problem might occur on Discord when settings are not properly configured. If essential permission settings are blocked on Discord, it can prevent you from screen recording or sharing. Thus, you must run Discord as an administrator to fix the issue as follows:

Step 1. Go to the Start menu and look for the Discord app. Right-click on it and move to the More > Run as Administrator option.

Run Discord as an Administrator

Step 2. Mac users can open the System Preferences menu. After that, go to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording. You may have to unlock the screen. Just select the Click the lock to make changes and enter your password or use Touch ID. Now, select the checkbox for Discord to read and record your screen.

System Preferences

Step 3. If you are using a web browser for screen sharing, you have to give permission to share your screen every time you start streaming. To do so, select the Share button.

screen sharing

Solution 3. Switch to Windowed Mode

Right now, Discord only supports screen sharing for apps and games that are windowed. This means the apps can appear on the full desktop screen.

Switch to Windowed Mode

So, you can switch your apps or games to windowed mode by pressing the F11 key. You can use the window controls, or Mac users can hold the Shift key.

Solution 4. Disable Discord Latest Technology Settings

To fix screen share not working on Discord, you can try disabling Discord’s latest technology for screen capture. Many users have reported that screen sharing, black screen and other screen issues can be fixed by switching to the latest technology settings.

Follow these steps to disable Discord’s latest technology settings:

Step 1. Open the Discord app and click on the Settings cog icon next to your username.

Step 2. Under the App Settings, select Voice & Video. From there, you can select the Use our latest technology to capture your screen slider and turn it to the Off position.

Disable Discord Latest Technology Settings

Solution 5. Disable Hardware Acceleration

If you have an old PC, hardware acceleration must be using your graphics card’s power to handle certain CPU-intensive applications. Discord also uses hardware acceleration to balance your PC’s resources during screen sharing.

Thus, to fix screen share not working on Discord or stuttering screen, you can disable the hardware acceleration. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Open the Discord desktop app > Settings.

Step 2. Select the Voice & Video option in the Settings. From there, select the H.264 Hardware Acceleration slider, and turn it off.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Solution 6. Update the Discord App

The outdated Discord application can also stop the screen-sharing functions. That’s because old apps get infected with bugs.

Thus, you fix the screen share not working on Discord by updating the app. To do so, open the app store on your Windows, Android or iOS devices, look for the Discord app and update it.

Solution 7. Close Other Apps

The screen sharing function is resource intensive. It takes up huge RAM space on your device while sharing a screen on Discord.

Here if multiple other applications are running on your computer or mobile, it can impact the screen share. Your screen might stutter or randomly turn off.

So, we suggest closing all unnecessary apps on your computer system before initiating the screen share on Discord.

Solution 8. Get Rid of Cache Memory

All the piled-up cache memory on your computer or phone can disturb the Discord app. That’s because screen sharing requires extra space to work around, especially if you want to share a screen.

So, you can clear the cache to fix the screen share not working on Discord.

To clear the cache on Android devices, go to Android Settings > Apps > Discord > Storage > Clear cache.

Get Rid of Cache Memory

iOS users can open the Settings app > Safari > Clear History and Website Data > Tap on the Clear History and Website Data to clear their Safari cache, history, and cookies.

On Windows, hit the Windows key > Settings menu > System > Storage and clear the cache.

Solution 9. Switch Off Experimental Method

Are you facing an issue where the audio doesn’t work while sharing the screen? In that case, you can disable the Experimental method setting in Discord.

To do so, open the Discord app > Settings > Voice & video. Switch off the toggle next to the Use an experimental method to capture audio from the application option.

Switch Off Experimental Method

Solution 10. Turn Off Hardware Scaling

Is the Discord screen taking forever to load on your mobile? If so, you can disable the hardware scaling on your mobile. This way, Discord will use fewer resources to share screens on your mobile devices.

Follow these steps to turn off hardware scaling:

Step 1. Open the Discord mobile app. Tap on the User Settings > Account tab.

Step 2. Scroll down and click on the Voice & video.

Step 3. Turn off the toggle next to Enable Hardware Scaling. And this might fix screen share not working on Discord.

Solution 11. Setup the Right Settings for Hardware Acceleration

The Discord mobile app allows you to select whether you want to use the OpenGL ES. It is an audio API in Discord calls. And this setting can affect your screen sharing functions.

Open the Discord app > Settings > Voice & video. After that, you can select the Let my operating system decide option under Low-Latency Hardware Acceleration.

Now, you can restart Discord and again try to share the screen.

Solution 12. Turn Off Auto Sensitivity

Many users have reported that turning off auto-sensitivity has done wonders in fixing screen share not working in Discord. Problems regarding audio are fixable with this solution.

Open the Discord app on mobile or PC. After that, go to Settings > Voice & video. Now, turn off the Auto Sensitivity toggle.

Solution 13. Update Graphics Card

Outdated or corrupted graphics card drivers can also cause screen sharing trouble. Thus, the best option is to update your display adapter to fix the screen share not working on Discord. For that, follow these steps:

Step 1. Right-click on the Start Menu and select Device Manager.

Step 2. Under the Device Manager, expand the Display adapters. Right-click on your graphics card and choose the Update Driver.

Besides this, you can also use Driver Easy to automatically update drivers on your PC. The software is free to use. It can thoroughly scan your system and fix all the outdated or corrupted drivers with a click.

Solution 14. Reset Voice Settings

Another way is to reset voice settings on Discord. This solution is helpful when you are experiencing sound issues during screen sharing.

For this, move to Discord Settings > Voice & video. Now, scroll down and click on the Reset voice settings and try to share the Discord screen.

Solution 15. Reinstall Discord

There is a possibility that you have downloaded a corrupted or infected Discord version on your computer or mobile. In that case, simply uninstall the Discord app from your device. After that, go to the Discord website or respective app stores on your mobile devices.

Parting Remarks

Discord is an awesome tool for gamers to build their community. However, Discord faces some glitches here and there, like screen sharing not working.

But it is easy to fix. We have already shared 15 easy solutions to fix screen share not working on Discord. So, just follow the solutions and enjoy your time on Discord.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to share and follow this website for more hacks and tricks.

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