How to Fix Windows 11 Camera Not Working?

Windows 11 is the leading operating system for different devices. Users often face the issue of Windows 11 camera not working on different devices. Like any other software, certain bugs may still cause issues in basic functionalities. The modern era of remote working has further pressed the need for a functional camera at all times. 

Hence, it comes down to solving the problem of the Windows 11 camera not working. First, let us go through the key solutions for making the camera work on Windows 11. Then, we’ll go through the key reasons for this issue to understand more. Starting with the top causes of the camera not working on Windows 11.

Windows 11 camera not working- top reasons:

Before looking for solutions, it is easy to have a quick brief of the Windows 11 camera not working. Some of the main reasons for this problem are:

  1. Corrupted camera app: The camera app on the Windows 11 may start creating issues in capturing images. Hence, it is easy to reset and repair the camera app to solve the problem of a non-functional camera.
  2. Damaged camera drivers: Dedicated camera drivers are required for effective functioning. The damaged or missing camera drivers may cause camera issues in the system. The camera drives need to be reinstalled or updated with the existing drivers.
  3. Third-party antivirus: Any third-party antivirus installed on the Windows 11 system may hamper the seamless functioning of the camera app. The security program may be blocking the camera app.
  4. Privacy settings: The different privacy settings of Windows 11 may cease camera app access. These settings may block the apps from untrusted sources or the camera app on the Windows system. 

Solutions to fix Windows 11 camera not working:                               

After going through the top reasons for the camera app not working on Windows 11, it is all about the different solutions to fix this issue. Some of the top solutions are:

  1. Updating Windows: One of the primary solutions for solving camera issues on Windows 11 is to update it. Updating Windows will fix the possible bugs and driver issues. Hence, it is easy to install the pending updates of Windows 11 on your system.
windows update
  1. Disabling antivirus: Some antivirus programs on the Windows 11 system may carry the privacy setting preventing camera access. Hence, you need to disable the antivirus for a couple of minutes to solve the issue. If the camera starts working with disabled antivirus, it is recommended to replace it with another powerful version.
disabling antivirus
  1. Checking connection: The camera connected with the USB cable to Windows 11 device may not work properly due to poor connection. Hence, you must check the cable connection and look for any weak connection between the camera and the PC.
  1. Looking for a physical switch: Many laptops or devices working on Windows 11 may have an external physical switch for turning the camera on and off. Hence, all you need to do is look for the current state of the physical switch.
  1. Using different USB ports: If an external camera is used on Windows 11, it is easy to unplug the camera and plug it back. The non-functioning of the camera can be due to the problematic USB port connections. Thus, you must try a different USB port to connect and attach the camera to your Windows 11.
  1. Running camera troubleshooting: It is easy to run camera troubleshooting on Windows 11 in the following steps:
  2. Click “Windows + S” to open Windows Search, enter “troubleshoot settings”, and click enter.
troubleshoot settings
  • Click “other troubleshooters.”
other troubleshooters
  • Go to the “Run” button near “Camera.”
run camera troubleshoot
  1. Checking system permissions: It is easy to check the system permission on the Windows 11 device if the camera is not working properly. The quick steps for the same are:
  2. Click “Windows + I” to launch device settings and go to the “Privacy and Security” tab. Go to “App permissions.”
app permissions
  • Check that the “camera access” is set to on.
camera access
  1. Re-enabling camera driver: It is easy to re-enable the camera driver quickly to access the camera on Windows 11 device. The quick steps are:
  2. Go to the search icon and type “device manager.”
  • Go to the “camera” and select the “webcam.” Disable it.
disable camera
  • Again click on the option and “enable device.”
  1. Updating or reinstalling camera drivers: It is easy to update or reinstall the outdated camera drivers in the following way:
  2. Go to the search icon and type “device manager.”
  • Go to “cameras” and select “update driver” option.
update driver
  1. Resetting the camera app: The camera issues can be resolved by resetting the camera app in the following steps
  2. Click “Windows + I” and launch the settings app. Go to the “Apps and features” option.
 Apps and features
  • Go to “camera” and click on “advanced options.”
 advanced options
  • Go to the “Reset” option for resetting the camera app, or can even uninstall it.

Wrapping Up:

Hence, no more fuss in solving the problems of the Windows 11 camera not working. It is easy to understand the key reasons for the issue, like the system’s privacy settings or third-party antivirus programs. The corrupted camera app or the damaged camera drivers can be another reason for the non-functioning camera.

Coming to the solutions, it is easy to update Windows, disable antivirus, or look for USB connections. Some devices may have a physical switch for the camera, which can be checked, or USB connections can be checked. Further, it is easy to reset the camera app, update camera drivers, re-enable the camera, etc. Finally, users can run camera troubleshooting or system permission for enabling the camera on Windows 11.

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