How to Optimize Mac for Gaming?

How to Optimize Mac for Gaming

Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 6:42 pm

Despite its intricacies and limits, gaming on the Mac is enjoyable. Macs are excellent gaming computers, but even excellent machines require upkeep to maintain good operating conditions. You can enhance your gaming experience by optimizing your macOS. There are several ways to optimize your Mac for gaming, ranging from making adequate space to installing and running.

Moreover, it removes unnecessary files such as old caches, faulty downloads, logs, and extra localizations. Apart from that, there are a few additional ways to optimize your Mac. You’ve arrived at the correct place if you’ve been seeking the best ways to optimize a Mac for gaming.

Are MacBooks suitable for gaming?

Undoubtedly, MacBooks were never intended to be mainly used as gaming devices. Compared to other PCs, updating your Mac to handle the severe graphic requirements of recent games was a costly option. In the PC world, the gaming business flourished. This was primarily due to the ability to swiftly create powerful computers capable of running all of the current games.

Then, updated and improved them with video cards, processor power, and RAM as the games progressed. Operating games on a Mac is not as difficult as you would imagine with some intelligent optimization. Moreover, we teach you all you must do to get your Mac prepared for an outstanding gameplay experience.

Best Ways to Optimize Mac for Gaming

Enhance and maximize your Mac performance if you plan to use it for gaming purposes. It includes optimizing space RAM, tweaking graphics, and shutting off unnecessary services. However, some of the most excellent strategies for optimizing your Mac PC are listed below.

Fix 1: Clear up the Storage to Free up Space

With the above solution, you will get a comprehensive summary of your Mac’s storage space. Data loss is a worrying practice that marks most people who live the digital lifestyle. With Disk Drill, you can recover all lost files and an important portion of configured data from your crashed hard drive. Click over any of the color bars on the screen to explore what they signify. Now that you understand what’s taking up extra space, spend some time to wipe up the following things:

  • Begin by searching through your Mac’s files to see if there is anything you haven’t used for a long time. Examine the music, movies, and pictures folders in your user Library.
  • Examine and remove anything from your Downloads folder.
  • Head to the Applications folder and see if you can get rid of one or two apps there. Anything you haven’t been using in a year is generally better off removed and restored than left on your hard drive.
  • Don’t forget to discard any games that have no use anymore.
  • Images should be cleaned up or moved to an external hard disc.

This procedure may take some time, and it’s challenging to wipe stuff off your disk since numerous associated files are constantly clinging to and lurking in your Mac’s most distant folders. However, you can use third-party software to identify and eliminate junk, freeing up space for even the greatest Mac games.

Fix 2: Examine Your Mac’s Current Settings

Before installing a game, ensure that you’re familiar with several features of your Mac, such as the operating system, CPU, RAM, accessible HDD storage capacity, and graphics card. To access all of these, you need to follow the steps:

mac settings

Step 1: Navigate to the “Apple icon” in the menu bar.

Step 2: Click on it.

Step 3: Select “About This Mac.”

It’s critical to understand this data because each game has minimal and suggested system requirements.

Fix 3: Evaluate the Disk Usage Status

Setapp is a subscription-based platform for macOS that provides solutions to all of your Mac’s tasks.This potentially helpful utility has been operating well and rapidly helps you show the disc utilization status. This step is critical because it will inform you how much space is available on your Mac. As a result, you’ll know precisely the amount of space you need to recover from playing games smoothly and at peak performance.

However, you may also determine your Mac’s disc space by doing the following steps:

Disk usage

Step 1: Select the Apple icon.

Step 2: Choose the “About This Mac” option.

Step 3: Then select “Storage” from the drop-down menu.

Fix 4: Clean the Clutter

A cluttered desktop might cause your Mac to slow down. Removing the junk keeps your Mac clean and healthy by recovering space, reducing boot speed, and eliminating redundant data such as duplicate files, unnecessary apps, etc. If you have a lot of photos, videos, and files on your desktop, the operating system has to process all of them for speedy perusal. Rather than leaving these photographs and files on the desktops, place them in folders.

Fix 5: Prevent Apps from Instant Launching After Login

When you log in to the Mac, several applications launch automatically, consuming resources before doing something. Stop all applications from launching automatically with the following steps:

Step 1: Head towards the “System Preferences” option.

Step 2: Select the “Users & Groups” option.

Users & Groups

Step 3:  Click on the “Login Items.”

Login Items

Step 4: Select the app you want to prevent with automatic login and click on the minus symbol underneath.

Fix 6: Disable Dashboard 

Dashboard and Notification Center are two native OS X functionalities rarely utilized. The issue is that they consume computing resources and RAM that might otherwise be utilized for gaming. Fortunately, you can deactivate them using the Terminal. 

  • Dashboard

To turn off the dashboard, you need to follow the below procedures:

Step 1: Select the “Spotlight icon” in the menu bar.

Step 2: Write “Terminal” or navigate through Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

Step 3: Now, type the following command:

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES

killall Dock

The Finder will be restarted with the dashboard deactivated using the two commands shown above.

  • Notification Center

To turn off Notification Center, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch Terminal

Step 2: Enter the following two instructions in this order, one at a time:

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

killall NotificationCenter

Any apps in your Notification Center will no longer get alerts, banners, or notifications.

Fix 7: Check That All the Software is Up-to-Date

Upgrades to your software contain bug fixes and additional features that alter how your system operates, along with the games you play. You must check for the updates and proceed with them. However, the easy steps to do so are as under:

software update

Step 1: Click on the “System Preferences.”

Step 2: Select the “Application” option.

Step 3: Finally, click on the “Automatically check for updates” option.

Fix 8: Look for Apps That Use a Lot of Resources

It’s also wise to check if you’re running any resource-hungry applications. Taking them down can assist in keeping your Mac optimized for gaming. So, here is how to check for such apps:

Step 1: Open a Finder window and navigate to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.

Step 2: Click on the CPU tab and filter by CPU percentage.

Step 3: Apps that consume many resources will appear on the top.

Step 4: Choose the apps individually and hit the “X” sign to terminate them.

Fix 9: Make Use of Apple’s In-built Optimization Tool

Apple’s in-built optimization tool makes simple recommendations for improving your Mac’s efficiency through storage management. However, this will not solve all of your storage requests. It will help free up some space for gaming.

Apple's In-built Optimization Tool

Step 1: Click on the Apple menu and select the “About This Mac” option

Step 2: Click on the “Storage” option

Step 3: Click on the Manage Button.

Step 4: Choose Recommendations from the sidebar.

There are four solutions for managing disc space available here. Moreover, you can use Gemini 2 which not only finds duplicates that are already on your Mac, but also looks out for new ones, preventing future cluttering. They are pretty self-explanatory and straightforward, so follow the on-screen directions.


We have compiled a list of the best patches to help you optimize your Mac for gaming. Hope you find the answers useful and will use them to improve your gaming experiences. Proceed with the best optimization fixes after our top solutions. You can also use ClearVPN technology which automatically analyses your network and fixes you to the fastest idle server. You get secure, low-ping, and smooth access based on their activity or goal. However, sometimes even a simple restart can help. So, consider restarting your Mac device once a week for the best results.

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