Solo App Developers: Ultimate Guide to Build a Successful Career

Do you want to become a solo app developer?

Then, you are not the only one today who wants to work independently. Due to the pandemic slow down and remote work culture, many professionals are planning to quit their 9to5 jobs today to become self-employed individuals.

Since mobile app development is something that can be easily done remotely; thus, many app developers are planning to hop on the wagon of independence. Being your own boss seems extremely appealing, but it requires patience and dedication to find clients, manage your own deadlines and relentlessly code while communicating with clients.

But it is possible to become a successful solo app developer. This ultimate guide will walk you through all the loops that can help you become an independent app developer. So, let’s get started.

Reasons to Become a Solo App Developer

If you are still toying with the idea of becoming a solo app developer, you should not wait any longer because becoming your own boss can help you:

Work flexibility

If you want to travel for a year or have a baby while having a constant source of income, becoming a solo developer can offer you all the work flexibility. You can easily code from home or a hotel room for a few hours based on your schedule. All you need is your laptop and a stable internet connection to build an app from anywhere and anytime.

Challenge yourself

Do you get bored easily in a set mundane work routine? Then, freelancing or self-employment is the best pathway for you. The reason?

It allows you to challenge yourself with new projects and stretch your creativity, which you will not get in a job. For instance, if you wish to work with facial recognition, AI, or IoT technologies, you can find an app development project that can allow you to try new things.

Set your own working hours

Solo app developers have the ability to set their own working hours. Whether you want to work for 4 hours or 12 hours a day, being an independent developer provides full freedom to define your own working hours.

Setting their own work schedule and hours is a great benefit for new moms, physically incompetent people, or simply free-spirited fellas.

Become an entrepreneur

Solo app developers have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by launching their own apps. This way, you can make money from creating something that you are passionate about.

Additionally, you can help others and bring change to society with your app. You can create crowdfunding, donation, or other volunteering programs to help other people with your app.

Connect with international clients

Remote app developers can work with different clients from all over the world. This will allow them to work on international projects and culturally diverse teams. Eventually, international experience will help you become a successful solo app developer.

Work satisfaction

When you choose your own projects, working hours, and delivery dates, you will be more satisfied at the end of the day. And that’s what matters most in the end.

How to Become a Successful Solo App Developer

Once you have decided to become a solo app developer, it is important to do it in the right way. Often app developers leave the freelance road in the middle because they didn’t get the desired results. Therefore, if you don’t want to quit being a solo app developer and turn to your standard 9to5 job, follow these tips:

Nurture your skills

If you want to work with different international clients and explore new app development projects, you have to work on upscaling your skills. To do so, follow the industry trends, attend virtual boot camps, connect with other independent developers and analyze codes created by other programmers.

Build your portfolio

Besides developing new skills, you should focus on building a diverse mobile app development portfolio. Your strong portfolio will help to acquire new clients and strengthen your business. Thus, before becoming a solo app developer, ensure to gain significant experience and build your portfolio.

Improve your communication skills

Usually, when you are working on a team, you don’t have to frequently communicate with clients as project managers can handle the communication part for you. But solo app developers have to do coding and communication on their own.

Therefore, if you are an introverted person who prefers to write codes in the background rather than interacting with new people, you have to come out of your comfort zone. You have to sharpen your communication skills to grow in your entrepreneurial journey.

Select a project that excites you

The best thing about being an independent developer is that you can select your own projects. You have the ability to explore projects that you are passionate about.

So, you should always choose your mobile app development projects after thorough consideration.

Be persistent

You can’t become a successful solo app developer in a day. You have to tirelessly work for years to build your brand and client base.

Thus, you have to learn new app development technologies and explore innovative strategies to fuel your passion. In short, be persistent to become your own boss.

Find a technical partner

It takes a village to build an app. From graphic designers to QA testers, many other technical professionals’ help is required to develop a dynamic app.

Therefore, you should network with other technology partners and build a team of trusted people who can help you develop an app.

Focus on scheduling

A solo app developer has an opportunity to work on his own accord. But this can make you unproductive and lazy too.

You don’t have a project manager or boss to keep you on track. Thus, solo app developers need to focus on creating their schedules so they can meet all deadlines without overwhelming themselves.

Jot down your goals

Goal setting is extremely crucial for freelancers or individual contractors. This helps them to scrutinize their efforts and ensure they are always on the right track.

We recommend developers define the small-term as well as long term goals. The short term will keep you motivated and engaged in your work. And take you a step closer to your main goal.

How to Find Good App Development Projects

Finding a good project might seem like a daunting task if you are a new mobile app developer with a limited network and experience. Luckily, there are many online job portal websites available from where you can find high-paying app development clients, such as:


Toptal is a talent-matching website, which was originally developed for freelance technical professionals. But now, the website has expanded its horizon like UX/UI experts, financial professionals, and more.

Solo developers can build their portfolio on Toptal and get hired by people who are looking for competent mobile app developers.


Hired is the best freelancer website to hire highly professional software engineers and mobile app developers. The companies can find highly experienced developers on this website using the intelligent talent matching algorithm. You simply have to create your profile on Hired and get a good mobile development project.


This is the most popular job portal site for freelancers and individual professionals. Upwork offers a variety of job opportunities to freelancers. Many big and small vendors post mobile app development projects on Upwork, for which you can apply.

However, you have to build a strong profile and portfolio on Upwork to increase your chances of getting hired.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the largest community for Apple and Android mobile app developers. Solo developers can create their profiles on Stack Overflow for interested vendors to hire them. This website provides community support to independent developers if they get stuck somewhere or need to discuss something with fellow developers.

GitHub Jobs

GitHub Jobs is the dedicated job board for developers. It is a big community for developers to code and communicate together. GitHub is also an open-source repository for coders, designers, and even dev management.

On GitHub, solo developers can create programs to build a portfolio and even get hired by international teams.


Gigster is a recruitment platform for professional mobile developers and software engineers. You have to register as a developer on the website, and once the Gigster team approves your application, they will connect you with the right clients.

Besides the job boards, recruitment websites, and online job portals, solo app developers can build a social media brand to promote their services and generate relevant business leads.

Ready to Become a Solo Mobile App Developer?

If you are a passionate and persistent person, becoming a solo mobile app developer is not hard for you. Simply keep on nurturing your skills, building your network, and delivering high-quality services, and in no time, you will become a successful independent developer.

Fortunately, you have many great freelance job portals and social media platforms to find good projects. You can also create your own website so people can easily hire your services.

All in all, it is possible to grow as a solo app developer today. Just follow this guide, and you are set to become an independent developer in 2022.

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