Top 8 Pinterest Growth Strategies That Actually Converts

Pinterest is no longer a hobby platform. It is not a portal to share pretty photos anymore. It is a perfect place to build your brand and sell your products. All you need is the right Pinterest growth strategies and you are ready to grow your business.

Pinterest has more than 433 million monthly active users by the first quarter of 2022. According to Pinterest, 87% of people have brought a product because of Pinterest.

So, to reach a large audience and increase your sales, Pinterest is the best platform

But how can I do that?

Well, Pinterest is a simple social media platform. It requires minimal consistency and has a longer shelf life than other social media platforms.

So, let’s dig into some powerful yet simple Pinterest growth strategies.

8 Pinterest Growth Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Pinterest’s main highlight is its display layout and beautiful visuals. It has created a neat and simple visual interface that attracts serious buyers.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, people don’t just scroll on Pinterest. They scroll with an intention to make a purchase on Pinterest.

Thus, Pinterest has now become a shop engine that people use to window shop before making a purchase. So, having your brand trending on Pinterest can give a huge push to your sales.

So, without any ado, let’s check out the best Pinterest growth strategies that actually works:

Strategy #1. Pin, Pin and Pin Consistently

It is no secret that social media platforms love consistency. Though, Pinterest needs less consistency than other platforms. But it still takes constant and frequent pinning to grow on Pinterest.

Now, pinning random stuff on Pinterest will do you no good. You have to pin posts that are related to your brand. It will help the Pinterest algorithm to make your pins available to the right audience.

Now, about frequency, most experts suggest that pinning 5 times a day is sufficient. But if you can pin 15-20 times a day that’s even better.

Also, don’t make all pins at one time. You should pin posts throughout the day so you can engage with diverse content and expand your reach.

Strategy #2. Pin and Post Only High-quality Images

Pinterest connects you with your potential customers through images. If you are not pinning high-quality visuals, it will not only reduce your engagement rate. But it will waste all your Pinterest growth strategies.

So, what makes a perfect Pinterest image?

There is not a preset criteria to create a Pinterest image. But among most pinned images, these similarities are noticed:

High-quality Images

No human faces. Unlike Instagram, the Pinterest audience is more interested in knowing about the product rather than its maker. People see Pinterest as a shopping store aisle where they can explore new things. Thus, clear product display images work the best on Pinterest.

Clean background. If there’s lots of stuff going around in your image background, it will distract viewers. It can shift attention away from your main element. Thus, use plain or little background on your Pinterest photos.

Make it colorful. Pinterest is a happy place to shop and pin ideas. Thus, use multiple colors on your photos to make them standout. Try to use lots of red, blue or green to capture viewers attention.

Lighter color palette. Colors are good but don’t use dark or bright colors. These colors simply pinch eyes and make the image content less readable. So, go for subtle and soothing color tones.

Strategy #3. Use Keywords to Write Descriptions for Pins and Boards

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Pinterest boards don’t disappear quickly. They are here to stay. You can even call them evergreen.

If you create a wedding dress board today, it can be found 3, 6 or even after a year.

However, the only condition is — your pins and boards should be found.

Write Descriptions for Pins and Boards

And that’s only possible when you use keywords in your Pinterest board descriptions. There is no need to go for fancy keywords. People tend to use the simple words to search on Pinterest like “white wedding dress”, “red scarfs”, etc.

Lately, Pinterest has launched a Smart feed. It has taken away the chronological nature of pins. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, your pins need to meet a certain criteria to reach the top.

Here are the main points that Pinterest now consider to rank your pins:

Pin Quality. Your image quality and content helps to rank your pins on the top.

Source Quality. Pinning other users’ content and creating Pinterest boards is a great way to grow on this platform. However, it is important to only engage with high quality websites and sources. Otherwise, it can impact your brand building on Pinterest.

Pinterest Rating. Engagement on your Pinterest account and pins also plays a significant role in improving your pins reach.

Besides the board descriptions, you should also include relevant keywords in:

  • Board title
  • Image alt text
  • Bio and profile

Strategy #4. Build a Brand

Most Pinterest searches are unbranded. But when you use a consistent tone and visuals across all your boards and pins, Pinners will start noticing your brand.

Once people start recognising your brand, they will search about it and even buy it.

You can take inspiration from Oreo boards. They use upcoming seasonal holidays and recipe ideas to promote their brand. This helps them to get engaging and inspirational content out there, which helps to get more pins and views.

 Build a Brand

Strategy #5. Confirm Your Website

Confirming your website on Pinterest is one of the best Pinterest marketing strategies. It helps to validate your brand and build trust among new audiences.

Once you confirm your website, you can see your logo or profile picture on pins that people saved from your website. This will also give you access to web analytics in Pinterest Analytics.

To confirm your website on Pinterest, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to settings, click on Confirm website under the Website field.

Step 2. Now, simply follow the instructions on the page and you can verify with an HTML file or a meta data.

Step 3. Once your website is confirmed, you can see your logo on the pins that users save from your website.

Strategy #6. Use Rich Pins

Pinterest defines some pins as rich pins that help to improve your engagement on the platform. Rich pins have extra information right on the pin itself.

That means these pins have information right on the image. Pinterest has categorized rich pins as follows:

  • App pins have an install button, so people can download your application without leaving Pinterest. This feature is currently available on iOS app only.
  • Movie pins include information like rating, cast members, and reviews to help people know more about the movie.
  • Recipe pins contain all the information related to pins such as cooking times, ingredients, etc.
  • Article pins help users to find relevant information about stories that they want to save. It includes information like headline, author and story description.
  • Product pins include all the information related to a product that can convince pinners to buy a product.
  • Place pins contain information like a map, addresses, etc.

Strategy #7. Pinterest Optimize Your Website

Once you are serious about Pinterest marketing, you should optimize your website to make it easy for people to share your products and articles. There are many steps that you can take to Pinterest optimize your website, such as:

Website Setup

Foremost, ensure that your website is optimized to make content easily shareable on Pinterest. Add a pin now button on your website so that users can easily pin your content.

Also, make sure to create your website content according to the Pinterest image dimensions. Pinterest prefers eye-catchy and landscape mode photos.

Add Pinterest Specific Images on Your Website

If you plan to promote your blog posts and other service pages on Pinterest, you have to add visuals that work well on it.

For example, you can create infographics to sum up your blog content. This will not only enter your pin into the rich pin category but also expand your reach.

Strategy #8. Build a Community

Social media is all about creating your community. So, the best Pinterest growth strategy is to create your community on the platform.

This will give a good start to your brand building. You can also connect with your potential customers and understand them better when you have a strong community on Pinterest.

Conclusion: Best Pinterest Growth Strategy

Pinterest might not work like most social media platforms. But its interface makes it the best platform to promote and sell your products.

Just focus on your image quality and stay active on Pinterest — in not time Pinterest will start converting for you.

So, that’s it for now! Meanwhile, keep on exploring our other marketing and tech blogs.

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