How to Customize the Taskbar in Windows 11


Taskbar is very useful in quick access to any other Windows directly from the Taskbar panel. But are you aware of the advantages and features you can access with a taskbar? Many people have no clue about what you can do with your Taskbar and how you can customize it. Therefore you can enjoy various features and customizing options in Taskbar to satisfy your requirement.

While multiple programming can be dangerous if you close the app, with Taskbar, you can directly navigate to other apps without closing. Decide that you can enjoy multiple customizations and move the Taskbar from its original location. Find out every information about the Taskbar and its settings.

Features of Taskbar

In Windows 11, you’ll access multiple features that can help you customize your Taskbar. It is necessary to understand the functioning of Taskbar so you can access different applications without wasting your time. Find out all the changes that you can make with the Taskbar in Windows 11.

1 Pinning Apps to Taskbar

If you are constantly using any desktop application, you can easily access it by Pinning to Taskbar. The Taskbar will give you Direct access to that application without going into the folder or closing any window. There are two ways that you can approach the apps. You can either select the application of files from the Start button or directly drag it from the Desktop.

Pinning Apps to Taskbar

A) Pin from the Start

You can click the Start button and Search for any application you want to pin. Now with the help of a right click, you can choose the option Pin to Taskbar. You can also unpin the app by Right-clicking on the app in Taskbar. Select the option Unpin from Taskbar, and it will remove the app from Taskbar.

B) Pin or Unpin Program from the app list

Taksbar allows you to see the recent and frequent activities in the particular app. If you want access to a particular program of the app, you can access that section in the program list.

  • Select the software application you want to Pin or Unpin the program.
  • Select the program and click on the Pin option.
  • Following the same process, you can Unpin the program.

2. Taskbar Settings Customization

You can customize your Taskbar according to your choice. You can add multiple colors, features and options in the Taskbar. You can easily make changes in the Taskbar by clicking on the vacant space in Taskbar that will pop up the Taskbar settings option. In this setting window, you will experience these features.

A) Hide the Taskbar display

You will see money options like the Start button, Search box, and multiple pinned Applications on Taskbar. Windows 11 allows the user to hide any particular icon from the Taskbar, including the search box, change widgets, etc. You can Completely hide the Taskbar following these steps.

 Hide Taskbar display
  • Click on the vacant space in Taskbar to open the Taskbar setting.
  • Enable or Disable any options you want to hide or show on the Taskbar.

B) Hide of Show System Tray icons

You can manage your system tray by keeping it clean. Allows you to manage the pen menu virtual touchpad or touch keyboard. You can enable access to these buttons on your Taskbar. Changing the setting to show and display these options, you can hide or show them in the Taskbar when required.

C) Taskbar Alignment

Users can easily shift the Taskbar alignment on the screen by following these steps.

  • Open the Taskbar setting.
  • Select the Taskbar behaviors option.
  • School your cursor till you find the option Taskbar alignment.
  • Now you can modify the alignment according to your taste.

D) Rearrange Taskbar icons

It is the simplest process to shift or relocate the icons on the Taskbar. You can easily drag any applications to your desired location in the Taskbar just by holding the right click.

E) Show badges on the Taskbar Buttons

The badges on Taskbar are the notification alert or background process carried on while the app is minimized. If you set the alarm in your system, the clock’s bell will appear with a ringing symbol. This happens when your Show Badge setting is active. To access the setting, you have to follow these steps:

Taskbar Buttons
  • Open the Taskbar setting.
  • Click on the Taskbar behavior.
  • Drag your cursor until you find the option Show badges.
  • Now you can activate or deactivate the setting according to your requirement.

F) Use Taskbar to see the Desktop

This feature allows you to check what’s happening on the Desktop while working on other applications. You can easily check out the main Desktop without closing all the windows with the help of this setting.

  • Open the Taskbar setting.
  • Click on Taskbar behavior.
  • Click on the option Select the park corner on the Taskbar to show the Desktop.

With this setting, you can easily check on a desktop by clicking on the far-right edge of the screen. To return to the previous screen, you must again click on that edge.

G) Automatically Hide the Taskbar

The setting allows you to hide the Taskbar temporarily until and unless you won’t drag your mouse to the edge of the Taskbar. By enabling this setting, you can increase the size of your screen by a few centimeters. You can also access the Taskbar whenever you require by just bringing the mouse to the end of the screen. Follow this step to enable this setting on Tablets and Windows.

  • Open the Taskbar setting.
  • Click on the Taskbar behavior.
  • Choose the Automatically hide the taskbar option.

H) Color Change in Taskbar

  • Follow Start> Settings> Personalization.
  • Select the color option and choose the accent color.
  • Now you can turn on the Show accent color on Start and Taskbar.
  • It will change the color of a Taskbar, and you can customize the theme.

I) Tablet Optimized Taskbar on 2 in 1 device

When your keyboard is disconnected from your system on 2 in 1 device, your Windows 11 will show the latest version of the Tablet-optimized Taskbar. While performing on other applications, it won’t pop on screen and remain collapsed. Whenever you want to see any battery status or switch to another application from Taskbar, it will expand, and you can easily access other options. Interestingly it will again collapse if you return to the previous window where you were working. To enable this setting to follow the step

  • Open the Taskbar setting
  • Click on Taskbar behaviors
  • Scroll down to the optimize Taskbar for touch interaction when the device is used as a Tablet.
  • Turn on and off this feature according to your needs.


Now you can customize your Taskbar according to your desire and need. The latest Windows 11 allows the user to access the Taskbar in multiple ways. Find out what features you can enjoy in Taskbar with updated Windows 11.

Make your work more efficient, and quick by customizing your Taskbar. Enjoy the relentless facilities of Windows 11 and Futuristic Taskbar.


Q1 Do we need to unlock the Taskbar to change the date and time settings?

You can change the date and time settings without unlocking the Taskbar. There is no date and time setting connection with the toolbar lock or unlock. If your toolbar is locked, it doesn’t block you from making changes in any applications.

Q2 Do we need to update Windows 11 to access these features?

No, you can access all these features without making any updates in Windows. Yes, there might be some additional changes in themes that you can experience while changing the overall layout of the Taskbar.

Q3 How to Unpin any application from Taskbar?

It is very easy to unpin any application from Taskbar. You have to right-click on that application on Taskbar, which will show you the option to Unpin from Taskbar. Pin and unpin any software or app from Taskbar are easy and quick.

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