Best 11 Twitter Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand Reach

Twitter is no longer the platform to share your thoughts or connect with celebrities. Instead, it is a full-fledged marketing channel to boost your brand reach.

Following the best Twitter marketing tips, you can expose your brand to millions of users every day.

But my mate, Twitter marketing is not that easy and simple. On average, a Twitter post trends for only 18 minutes.

That means your tweet will show to people for less than 30 minutes. So, all you have is a half hour to promote your brand.

To be honest, this time is sufficient to go viral if you follow the right Twitter marketing tips.

So, without any ado, let’s explore some of the best ways to grow on Twitter.

Top 11 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Twitter sets the trends today. Be it supporting a social cause or bringing political reforms; Twitter users are always active and vocal.

So, for small businesses, Twitter is the best place to create some buzz.

But, in all the Twitter voices, finding your brand voice and making a roar is not easy.

But, when there is a will, there is a way. And here are some common Twitter marketing tips that can give a kickstart to new businesses.

Tip #1. Optimize Your Twitter Profile

If you are just starting with Twitter, focus on your profile optimization. Your Twitter profile has three main elements:

Handle Name

Profile Picture

Header Image

Your Twitter handle is the name that appears on your profile, and people will use it to search and tag your brand. Thus, it has to be relatable, short, and crisp.

Your profile picture and header image establish your brand identity. It helps people recognize your brand. So, keep your profile and header images simple and responsive.

The best Twitter marketing tip for businesses is to use their brand name as a handle, logo as a profile picture, and business tagline as a header image.

Here look at Nike’s Twitter profile. It has kept the handle, profile picture, and header image simple and related to the brand voice.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

So, go simple and follow your brand tone while optimizing your Twitter profile.

Tip #2. Write Your Brand-specific Bio

After images and handles, you have to focus on your Twitter bio. It has to be attractive, funny, and brand related.

A well-optimized Twitter bio can help you catch potential customers’ interests and make them aware of your brand.

Usually, Twitter allows you to write 160 character long bio. So, you have to learn the art of saying more in limited words. And the best way to do it is to be simple.

For example, look at this Neil Patel’s Twitter bio. It is simple and still attention-grabbing.

Also, don’t forget to use some industry-specific keywords to make your profile highlight to the right users.

Tip #3. Follow Twitter Hashtags and Trends

Twitter is all about trends and hashtags. You can easily improve your engagement metrics by following the trending hashtags.

But remember, not all trends are for you. Now, imagine you are a tech brand but following political trends.

How will this benefit you?

Indeed, you can steer engagement by following trending hashtags. But when they are not targeting your potential users, all that engagement is useless.

You can take inspiration from Kohl’s here. They used the Black Friday trend to promote a contest. And this landed them in their potential customers’ feeds.

Follow Twitter Hashtags and Trends

As a result, the campaign generated over 450K engagements, over 370K Twitter mentions, and around 25MM potential impressions. Wow!

Tip #4. Leverage Paid Ads

For new businesses, paid Twitter ads are a great way to reach a large audience in a direct manner. It has a better reach than organic tweets.

Since you are starting out, you need more people to know about your brand and connect with it. And ads can help you with it.

Though, there is a small issue with promoted tweets. Twitter marks those tweets as a paid ad. So, viewers will automatically know your tweet is paid.

But there is no harm in it because every small and big brand is leveraging paid ads today.

Tip #5. Find the Right Time to Tweet

As we have already mentioned, tweet trends for only 18 minutes. So if your audience misses your tweets in that small time window, your engagement rate will drop dramatically.

So, you have to find the right time slot to tweet. This way, you can generate good results from your organic tweets.

You can use social media analytical tools like Sprout Social to know when your audience is most active.

However, if you don’t want to invest in the paid tool, you must experiment.

You must pick different time slots to tweet and monitor your audience’s response. You can use native Twitter tools to analyze the engagement rate on all your tweets.

Based on that, you can find the sweet time spot when your audience is highly active.

Tip #6. Be Mindful of Tweets

Twitter was the platform that originated the concept of hashtags. Your tweet engagement and reach highly depend on the hashtags.

But unlike Instagram or Facebook, don’t use too many hashtags on your tweets. Instead, keep your tweet focused on one or the maximum hashtags.

You can create a series of tweets if you want to use multiple hashtags.

So, think hard and make a list of brand-specific hashtags. Along with specific hashtags, don’t forget to use trendy hashtags.

Tip #7. Run the Advanced Searches

This one is an interesting Twitter marketing tip. Imagine finding the people that are interested in your business every second.

Sounds like a dream come true situation.

Well, Twitter’s advanced search can make that possible for you.

Instead of investing tons of resources in paid tweets, you can find potential users via industry-specific terms. For example, if you are a content writer, you can use advanced search to set the words specific to your industry.

As a result, Twitter will only yield results for the tweets related to your business.

Tip #8. Use Visuals in Tweets

Apart from all the technical stuff, your tweet content matters most in generating engagement. If your tweets are not interesting or catchy, you can’t create a buzz in your industry.

So, you must create engaging and relevant tweets to engage your audience. And visuals are the best way to do so.

Adding informative videos or funny memes can receive more likes and views on your tweets with visuals.

So, we will suggest brand-related visuals to your Twitter audience to stir some responses. If your marketing budget allows, hire a good copywriter and graphic designer to produce high-quality tweets.

Tip #9. Create Polls or Contests

The polls can help you interact with your audience and understand them. You can ask random questions on Twitter and ask for their opinions. As we all know, Twitter users are best known for sharing honest opinions.

It is easy to add a poll on Twitter. All you have to do is click on the tweet button and create a poll icon from the bottom of your screen.

You can make your polls more interesting by combining them with contests. For example, you can share rewards or gifts with people who participate in your polls.

There is also an option to ask popup questions in your polls. And you can reward the people who answer correctly.

Just try to make your polls as interesting as you can. Also, make sure poll topics are related to your brand.

Tip #10. Clear CTAs

The best Twitter marketing tip that anyone can give you is to add a clear call to action in your tweets. Twitter is the best place to generate leads and traffic and increase your sales.

With a clear CTA, you can direct your Twitter followers to a particular point. You can motivate your followers to take action on your tweets.

So, you should plan your Twitter post with proper call-to-action content. You can add words like order now, visit our website, or download our app to give a proper action plan to your Twitter audience.

Tip #11. Partner with Leading Twitter Influencer

Influencer marketing works on all social media platforms. You can also partner with popular Twitter influencers in your industry to increase your brand reach.

This marketing strategy is not new. In fact, some users say that influencer marketing is not generating adequate results. But that’s not the case.

If you plan your influencer marketing strategy properly, you can easily drive good results from it.

Foremost, you should partner with the influencer that connects you with your core audience. You should also understand the tone and style of influencers. If their Twitter tone is not correct for your business, it will negatively impact your business reputation.

So, consider your business tone and influencers’ tone before forming a partnership.

Parting Note!

There you go, people! You are now ready to start your Twitter marketing journey. You should focus on some basic things like profile optimization, creating relevant content, and connecting with your potential audience.

With basic things, you can bring a great change to your marketing reach. So, we have shared the test 11 Twitter marketing tips with you. You can now go and start implementing these strategies.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to explore other marketing tips on this website.

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