Top 10 Offline RPGs For Windows in 2023


Looking for offline games! We got you a list of RPGs in 2023. In the developing World, the gaming community is rising with lightning speed. People play multiple role play games online with friends or for earning purposes. Nowadays, there are many popular platforms like YouTube and Twitch where you can earn money by streaming and playing games.

Although everyone is not that lucky to have a proper setup and enjoy online role-play games. Therefore if you are experiencing poor network connection or don’t have a proper Wi-Fi setup, this list of the top role-playing games might help you develop your gaming skills offline.

The list of 10 Best Role Playing Games Offline

RPGs are the trending genre in the gaming community. People like RPGs as you can explore new maps and locations in the game and customize your character. This game gives you real-time experience and boosts your Adrenaline. We shortlist the top 10 Role-playing games that are available offline.

1. Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a famous fantasy RPG game. In this game, you will experience a wild world full of dungeons, dragons and endless quests. The exciting part of Skyrim is that you can customize your character and enter the different parts of the mission.


The story of a character begins with a person who is Dragonborn. Your final goal is to defeat the world-destroyer Alduin dragon. Alduin is a demon dragon destroying the world, and you must protect your realm. You can enjoy the role of Dragon Ball and fight the conquest against Alduin.


  • The engaging storyline of Dragon Born.
  • Immense world exploration.
  • Intense sound effects


  • Customisation of characters.
  • Multiple powerful weapons.
  • Upgrading skills with every mission.


  • Buggy in low-end systems.
  • Multiple glitches while exploring the World.


  • Approximately $20 to $40.


  • Compatible with Windows, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

2. Demon’s Rise

One of the most wicked games in RPGs is Demon’s Rise. The powerful and impacting storyline automatically drags you toward the game. You can enjoy the immense gameplay of a champion Rose from the World of Dark gods.

 Demon's Rise

The story of Demon’s Rise begins with a champion chosen to destroy human realms with a team of barbarians and demons. The game will give you goofy vibes and demon powers. Enjoy the no-mercy battle along with demons, and honor your God.


  • Strategic base game.
  • Multiple characters are available.
  • Intense sound and graphics.


  • Intense gameplay.
  • Powerful characters
  • Multiple gaming modes


  • Multiplayer mode unavailable
  • Weak animation.


  • Approximately $5 to $10.


  • Windows, Mac IOS and Androids

3. Pillars of Eternity II: DeadFire

The best production of Obsidian entertainment, Pillars of Eternity II: DeadFire, has high-quality graphics and powerful attacks. Enjoy the feeling of RPG games with DeadFire. You will experience the best quality gaming with Pillars of Eternity.

 Pillars of Eternity II DeadFire

As a ship captain, explore the DeadFire region and conquer it. Win your battle to claim the region. Overall, this game will give you real-life experience and increase your strategic abilities. Moreover, it is a sequel to the award-winning game Pillars of Eternity.


  • Devastating world exploration
  • Intense storyline
  • Strategy based combats


  • High-quality graphics.
  • Memorable characters.
  • Customize your character.


  • Complex gameplay.
  • Big storyline


  • Approximately $60


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

4. Baldur’s Gate

It is a fantasy game developed by Beamdog. Unlike other games, you can expand this game to resume your story. Reset to one of the best 90s RPG games based on Dragon World. Travel across the map with your companions and allies to combat your enemy.

Baldur's Gate

You can also buy and enjoy the 75 hours of expansion. In this expansion, the storyline will continue with the same weapons and allies conquering the upcoming challenges. The range of difficulties with every mission engages the player deeply with the game.


  • Engaging powerful combats.
  • Strategical game.
  • Map expansion feature available.


  • The creative storyline of building Allies.
  • Intense soundtracks and background music.
  • Challenging missions.


  • Average graphics.
  • Limited resources.


  • Approximately 20 to 30 dollars.


  • Windows, Linux, IOS and Androids

5. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon fantasy games and Strategic Role-playing will engage you towards this game. The Game was developed in 2009 by BioWare. The game gives adventures of Dragon World in which you have to save the Ferelden Kingdom from threat.

Dragon Age Origins

Customize your character with different weapons, companions and ultimate powers. It will have to make your story impactful. Enjoy the intense gameplay and magical World of Dragon Age. The game is inspired by the famous movie Lord of the Rings. Get ready for an adventure ride with dragon rage.


  • Customisation of characters
  • The unique storyline of every character
  • Intense gameplay.


  • Tactical combat.
  • Create your own World
  • Super quality graphics


  • FPS may drop in combat
  • Limitation in resources.


  • Approximately $20


  • Compatible with Windows, PlayStation and Xbox

6. Divinity: Original Sin 2

The High-intensity game with a complex and immersive RPG experience. The original Sin 2 was developed by Larian Studios in 2017. It is one of the most popular games among teenagers because of its powerful ghost characters. Assemble your party and reach auto companions to fight against evil.

 Divinity Original Sin 2

You will experience powerful combat tactics and ultimate moves that help you kill your enemies. We have to begin the game by choosing one of the six characters. You have to wholesale line with the chosen character and its powers.


  • Large World to explore.
  • Character customisation and selection.
  • Tactical gameplay


  • Powerful characters and ultimate moves.
  • Proper upgrading facilities available.
  • Intense storyline connecting the player.


  • Players may find the combat difficult.
  • Buggy in the low-end system.


  • Ranging from $ 39.99 to $ 59.99.


  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox and Mac.

7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The most popular game among gamers and streamers. There are lots of people who stream the witcher live on their channels. Although it is a single-player RPG game, it has a massive craze among viewers and players.

The Witcher 3

The story is based on the famous movie The Witcher. The game follows the storyline of the character Geralt of Rivia, who has to kill the demons and protect the World from bad characters. The smooth story of The Witcher 3 will engage your mind and soul with the character, and you will feel the real-time experience.


  • Explore the whole map with the ride of The Witcher.
  • Memorable characters and companions.
  • Dynamic action scenes.


  • High-quality graphics
  • Intense soundtracks and background music
  • The deep storyline of the famous movie The Witcher


  • Not working properly in a low-end system.
  • Tough combat challenges


  • Available from $19.99 and vary from edition to edition.


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Mac OS, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

8. Mass Effect 2

One of the High-quality resolution creations of BioWare in 2010. Mass Effect 2 is a Sci-Fi storyline role-play game. The powerful and engaging storyline will not let you relax with the mouse and keyboard.

 Mass Effect 2

It is a story of a commander shepherd who has to face the invasion of Reapers. The commander is another of The mysterious enemy and fighting the aliens. More or less, the storyline looks similar to Guardians of the Galaxy. You have to build your home with powerful aliens all over the galaxy to find the Mysterious enemy.


  • Explore the galaxy with powerful ships and allies.
  • Versatile storyline According to the response of the player.
  • Third-person shooting facilities.


  • High-quality graphics
  • Sci-fi-based storyline.
  • Powerful weapons.


  • The branched storyline makes it difficult to explore other parts of the game.
  • Limited inventory.


  • Approximately $20


  • Compatible with Windows, Xbox and PlayStation

9. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is the story of a character who has a selfish and powerful personality. He has the capability of summoning the characters with magical songs. The tale is divided into three parts and continues in every part.

The Bard's Tale

In this game, you will experience bizarre people with magical powers. Moreover, with every stage, the power of Boss and gameplay difficulty increases. You can also enjoy the RPG of Bard’s Tale in the low-end system.


  • Three-chapter Storylines.
  • Multiple boss fights and powerful weapon
  • Engaging combat with strategic gameplay.


  • You can customize your characters.
  • Engaging storyline with fun sections.
  • Multiple rewards after combat


  • The humor of the story is irrelevant.
  • Poor Graphic quality


  • Approximately $15


  • Compatible with Windows, Xbox and PlayStation.

10. Neverwinter Nights 2

Neverwinter Nights 2 is an RPG engaging game based on the story of Forgotten Realms. The High-intensity gameplay will keep you engaged and make you explore the hidden realms in the game.

Neverwinter Nights 2

The Dungeon and Dragon World fantasy game will give you the sight of new places to explore. Moreover, you can also enjoy combat with different enemies in the game. The interesting part of this game is it can be played on any system with low specs. So if your system is not compatible with High graphic video games, then you can experience RPG with Neverwinter Nights 2.


  • Deep storylines about the Forgotten Realms.
  • Multiple missions and quests.
  • Customisation of characters.


  • Real-time gaming experience
  • Players can pause the combat.
  • Powerful weapons


  • Poor graphic quality.
  • Weak enemies.


  • Approximate $20


  • Compatible with every Windows.


RPGs have a different fanbase in gamers. There are millions of games that you can play online and offline. So if you were looking for the best offline game you can enjoy on your Windows and PlayStation, then you can consider any of the games from this list.

Moreover, you can check out the game’s details and story that match your taste. Now you can enjoy the trailing combats in the offline game and experience RPG gaming.


Q1 Which is the most played offline game?

The most played offline game is The Witcher 3. Since the web series The Witcher’s release, its storyline has been very popular among gamers. Additionally, thousands of players successfully completed the game on the stream.

Q2 How does the offline gaming experience differ from online gaming?

Online gaming is more realistic and engaging as you can connect with real-time players and play with them. Whereas the offline game has a serious storyline and intensive game style that engage the player and its focus.

Q3 What are the basic PC or Laptop Requirements to play powerful offline games?

Most games are played on Windows, but it is necessary to specify the system to run the game. The user must have an updated window with a suitable graphics card and a powerful processor. Also, enjoy some games with low-end specs.

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